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Managing accounts has nowadays become a tedious job altogether. Professional helps costs a fortune and the software available in the markets are too clumsy and hard to use.  People out of tension and frustration start using print-outs and spreadsheets to regulate their finances and often as a result of all this, they end up losing the sight of their money altogether. But with Pocketbook, you can leave all your accounts trouble behind.

Pocketbook is a free mobile application that takes the pain out of managing money. It lets you see all your financial transactions at one place. It even makes you stay on the top of your bills. The app minimizes bank fees and late payment penalties. It even keeps a track of your budget and saving goals for you.

The app is currently available for iOS and Android. It is available free of cost on both the platforms.

Pocketbook was founded in 2012 by Alvin Singh from Sydney, Australia.  Alvin is an experienced software engineer who just hated doing his finances and this prompted him to come up with Pocketbook. Bosco, his friend for 18 years is also his business partner. Bosco just loves business development and marketing.

Together they both have over 15 years of experience in the startup and corporate world. Bosco and Alvin have an aim of changing the way in which people mange their personal spending today.

According to Pocketbook, security tops their priority list. They have bank level security and make use of SSL encryption. They have also partnered with CloudFlare which is considered the best security in the industry. CloudFlare protects your Pocketbook from viruses, attacks and threats.

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With Pocketbook, the user can only analyze and organize their finances. It is a read-only service which means no money is moved in or out of any account. The bank details are stored in an encrypted way which means no one can see the user’s bank details, not even the user himself.

Pocketbook is different from other banking apps as it not only lets the user to keep a track of his or her money but also lets them manage it.  It can easily sync with a large number of banks and thus lets you see the net balance of all your funds. The app also has a safely spend feature through which you can set a specific amount that you can safely spend on a daily or weekly basis.


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