Putting all rumors to rest that were doing rounds of the markets for months now, Amazon finally ventured into the Smartphone market by launching Amazon fire 3D Phone on Wednesday. Amazon with its Smartphone aims at providing its user with a good experience rather than just fashionable hardware.

Amazon has worked hard to make the tangled chords of the earphones a history. The fire Phone will have earbuds with flat cords and magnets which will clasp them together, thus getting rid of the ages long tangled chords problem.

3-D Display

The phone comes armed with a unique 3D interface called Dynamic Perspective. It can make you feel as if you’re looking out of the window into another world by adding the depth effect to the image on display. The Dynamic perspective works well on the maps app. It even gives a different touch to the games.  It lets you take a character’s viewpoint by moving your head to look around. Whether it’ll be gimmicky eyesore or go-to feature is yet to be seen.

Access menus, shortcuts, and useful information with tilt, swivel, and peek. It thus allows you to have one-handed reading with auto-scroll, scan long web pages or read entire books without ever having to touch the screen.

According to Jeff Bezos, in the Dynamic Perspective feature, the phone is just redrawing the image 60 times per second and to make this possible, the phone has four front-facing infrared cameras that tell where the user’s head is even if two of them are covered by your fingers.

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Audio and Object Recognition

The phone comes with an amazing Firefly feature. The phone can catch the tune playing in the background and direct you to it on Amazon using this feature. It can even tell you where you can buy a particular book by just taking the snap of the photo of the book. The phone even lets one snap phone numbers, bar codes, email addresses and more. The feature was first introduced by Sony but Amazon’s fire Phone also comes equipped with audio recognition.

Firefly recognizes over 240,000 movies and TV episodes, and 160 live TV channels. Firefly uses X-Ray, powered by IMDb, to show information on actors, plot details, and related content.


The phone comes packed with a normal 13 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front camera with a fast five-element wide aperture f/2.0 lens for crisp, beautiful images. To counteract shaking as one takes shots, the phone also has image stabilization. The phone also offers unlimited storage of photographs taken from the phone through its Cloud Drive service. The phone also has four front-facing infrared cameras for making Dynamic Perspective work.

Scan and take action from the home carousel

In carousel mode, you can scroll, scan, and take action without opening the app or leaving the carousel. Scan and delete emails, see your next appointment, find recent photos, access most visited web sites, and more, right from your home screen carousel.


A 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, combined with 2GB of RAM, enables faster app launch times, quicker website load times, and smoother multi-tasking. Also an Adreno 330 graphics processor delivers the performance and fluidity needed for immersive gaming, video, and more.

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Fire phone delivers up to 285 hours of standby time, up to 22 hours of talk time, up to 65 hours of audio playback, and up to 11 hours of video playback.

Free Prime Membership

The company is also providing the fire Phone buyers with a free Prime Membership. AT&T has been named the exclusive carrier for the phone. The fire Phone will be available from July 25 at $199 for 32GB model and $299 for the 64GB model. The people who were going to subscribe to Prime services will be able to save $99 by purchasing the fire Phone. Prime Membership provides unlimited video and music streaming, free books from Kindle Owner’s Lending and a guaranteed two day delivery among other services.

In India it will soon to be launched till end of August this year and price would be around Rs.40,000.

Other Specifications

The fire Phone has a screen size of 4.7 inches which is larger than iPhone but smaller than some of the leading Android Smartphones in the market. This screen size will be perfect for one-handed use.

The phone also comes equipped with the auto-scroll feature like the Samsung Galaxy phones which lets the user scroll down books or articles just by tilting the phone.

amazon fire 3d technical details


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