wafer NFC tags

wafer NFC tags

Nagarjun is not just another student pursuing engineering in Goa, he is making products to ‘Simplify our Lives’. This tech-freak (as he calls himself) has been working on ‘The Wafer Tag‘ for the past 3 months and has been experimenting with Embedded Sytems, Arduino, Bluetooth, Wifi modules and RFID for the last 3 years.

Wafer is Indiegogo crowdfunded backed project and the Goa based startup company was founded just 4 months back. With the crowd funding campaign currently running on Indegogo.com for their first product ‘The Wafer Tag’, Nagarjun is confident about packaging and shipping their products from early august. In an interview with him, we learnt all about how The Wafer Tag can make so many things in our life so simple with just a tap.

Practical uses of an NFC tags are limitless, for example a Wafer NFC tag could be embedded into a political flyer. Tap the tag, and you’re directed to a Web site touting a candidate’s credentials. At the same time, you also instantly receive a snappy biography in the form of a text file and image or, at your favorite restaurants, you can touch your phone to an NFC tagged menu and voila you have the entire menu on your phone, along with nutritional information and mouth-watering descriptions of the ingredients in your favorite dishes.

“The wafer tag uses NFC. NFC (near field communication) is a short- range wireless technology which allows for the transfer of data between two NFC enabled devices. Almost all the smartphones have NFC. Our tag has a microchip that allows you to store data which can be accessed by any NFC-enabled device, when it is within range.” He says.

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One of the USP of Wafer tags over other existing NFC tags available in market is its cheapest price and also that it has more memory, maximum device compatibility and is customizable with your own text.

On asking how it makes things simple for the users, he said, “Like for example, sharing your contact with someone. We physically give away a business card, which can be easily misplaced and it is also cumbersome to keep so many business cards. The Wafer tag allows you to store your contact on it digitally and lets you share the contact via a simple tap using your phones NFC technology. This is just one of the many applications of the Wafer tag.”

Wafer has worked on making their product excessively user friendly and secure where the user can lock their device and prevent overwriting/theft of data. The Wafer tag can store 512 Bytes of data and is cheaper than competitor products in the market with an option to customize it. Compability with all NFC Devices (old and new) and strong app support by Windows, Nokia, Android and Blackberry makes it a must have for everybody. This top notch product makes sharing, discovering, updating and managing things so much easier. It is versatile product and can be used in any environment, for any task.

A very down to earth and positive person, he strongly believes that Success is directly proportional to the efforts put into work. When asked about the difficulty faced while starting up, Nagarjun said “Indiegogo did give me a nice boost in the first week, however it got really hard when the traffic to the page decreased. We then had to get in touch with various tech enthusiasts who finally brought our campaign back on track. By crowd-funding our product we not only want to fund this project but want to build an audience for our company. An audience that will believe in us and help us build products that they will love.” Nagarjun plans to recruit people once the project is crowd funded.

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