Boutline has come as a saviour for all those sports enthusiasts who end up missing the important games of their favourite sport due to their tight schedule. Boutline is in beta right now and currently available as an Android app for sports enthusiasts. Boutline aims at providing its users with a new and spectacular social visualization experience for sports. It brings you near to the sports you love and even lets you personalize them according to your interests.

The Boutbot feature keeps a track on the game time noise levels on the internet and then buzzes the user with critical updates and customized alerts all during the course of the game. By using Boutline, the user can tell everybody on the platform which game he or she is watching and which team they are supporting that day.

Boutline also scan the user’s sports related tweets, re-tweets, posts shared etc. Using all this information, Boutline builds up the user’s sports related DNA. The more the user makes use of the mobile app, the smarter it gets and shows better and rich content according to the user’s interest.

Boutline is a Bangalore based start-up. It was started in 2013 by Anand Satyan, Sharath Acharya and Febin John James. Anand Satyan has previously also co-founded Deliver with me which was a crowd-sourced eCommerce delivery start-up.  Sharath Acharya on the other hand loves making new things and has studied at Hult International Business School. He previously worked in Hewlett- Packard. Boutline has been incubated by Microsoft Ventures.

India is full of sports enthusiasts who love to trash talk with each other before, after and in between the games. Boutline takes care of this aspect of the game also. Banter is inbuilt sports chatter in Boutline which allows the user to have private conversations with family and friends while still enjoying the game from different places.  It also has Custom sports emoticons which helps the user to express exactly how he or she feels about Sachin missing the century or Yuvraj’s last ball sixer.

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Boutline claims that it is building a home for all sports enthusiasts. It is a destination where all the fans of all the sports can meet each other and cheer for their favourite teams and consume all the content at a single spot. The app is currently only available for Android Smartphones on Google Play.




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