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Microsoft to rebrand Nokia

Microsoft has chalked out detailed plans to make optimum use of Nokia’s services, devices and employees after the successful completion of acquisition according to some of the leaked documents doing round the market. The leaked documents run into several pages and have been leaked by Evleaks. The documents also contain a 31 question FAQ, which is being anticipated was possibly meant for the employees who will be transferred from Nokia to Microsoft.

The leaked documents also throw some light on some interesting facts about the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft. According to it, Microsoft has bought Nokia’s devices and services division for a whopping $ 7.5 billion. The papers also reveal that Microsoft shall have all the rights and power to make use of Nokia’s branding for product marketing purpose which is eighteen months post close for its Lumia phones and 10 years for mobile phones. Microsoft shall also continue working with all of Nokia’s advertising partners post acquisition.

Microsoft has now become a proud owner of Nokia X, Lumia, Asha and many other mobile portfolios. Full support will be provided to these devices by Microsoft after the acquisition. The Nokia care centres and retail stores will continue working under the same brand name, until any further notice. The papers also mention that Nokia’s services on DAP and its assets will be transferred to Microsoft though until further notice, the current Nokia employees will have full access to it.

The Nokia apps will remain as it is and will not go through any rebranding at least on day one. All of Nokia’s current and old advertising campaigns, including pages and weblinks will remain the same, according to the leaked documents. All these will make use of Nokia’s Pure Font but all the materials created after the closing date will make use of Microsoft’s Segoe Font.

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Both the Microsoft and Nokia teams are working very closely and are open to solving any queries of employees related to rebranding. Though the company has clarified and made it clear that all the employees are now obligated to tell that they work on Microsoft device business and with Microsoft.

Nokia still owns the Nokia tunes which has the famous connecting people message and joining hands animation. Although, Microsoft can make changes to it in future but as of now, the Nokia tune will keep running as a default ringtone on the devices.

“Tools for unleashing innovation in everyone on the planet” is Microsoft’s brand promise, according to the leaked papers. This is Microsoft’s promise and commitment to all the past, present and the future customers of the company products.

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