brahma3 anvil 3d printer india

brahma3 anvil 3D Printer India

Brahma3 Anvil is a 3D printer which has been designed by Bangalore based startup keeping in mind both beginners and professionals. It is easy to use as there are no messy cables, no external computer and thus, no dependencies. To guarantee total rigidity and ensure complete stability, it has a robust aluminum frame which has been designed from ground up. It has a heated bed with glass print surface to prevent it from any type of deformation or warp.

The printer currently uses a 7 inch touch screen interface running a custom Android firmware. The user can easily select the models directly on the tablet and print in one click. It also has a feature of sending designs to the printer wirelessly.

Nikhil Velpanur has always been a curious and creative mind. He started young at 20 by opening a youth magazine ‘Strange Brew’ while still in college and since then there has been no stopping him. Some years down the line, he set up Boiled Beans Inc. which was a technology business incubator. In 2013, his Boiled Beans merged with his friend Arvind Nadig’s LI2 innovations, which was an education company. Together they decided to work on technologies that will have a strong impact lasting for about 10-20 years and then they stumbled over the concept of 3D printing giving rise to Brahma3.

brahma3 3D Printer

Brahma3 has a build area of 240 x 240 x 240 mm which makes sure that it can handle prints of considerable size. It even comes with interchangeable panels which provide the printer with a refreshing new look every day.

The printer currently prints in ABS, Nylon and PLA and supports compatibility with PVA, Laywood, PC, Laybrick and more. It has a Polycarbonate body which weighs around 15 kgs. The printer even has a Wi-Fi and Pen Drive support which makes it great on connectivity. It has a cloud based Slicing Support and the printer can withstand up to 350 degree centigrade of temperature.

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Brahma3 is being sold at Rs. 1 Lakh in India currently. It also offers a six month warranty, service and replacement in case of any defects.

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