Amplifyd is a crowdsourced lobbying platform, giving people the opportunity to amplify their voices on political issues within their communities. Support a causes in you community and in return get a personal representative that will call and lobby people’s elected officials on their behalf.

The new website is soon to go live to the public.

Each campaign is managed by non-profits fighting for important causes, giving these organizations an additional way to mobilize their communities and generate active and passive incomes.

And, anyone can sign up to become a crowdsourced caller, getting paid to lobby elected officials for others. This is especially great for college students, post-grads, activists, hourly or part-time employees needing an additional source of income and avid travelers, since people can make calls through Amplifyd platform from anywhere.

One can support a cause in your community with upcoming site website and someone will call and lobby your politicians on your behalf. Or become a lobbyist yourself and get paid to call politicians for others. Claimed by website anyone could be making up to $30/hr working from home or anywhere in the world.

Using Amplifyd you can start a campaign, support a cause or become a caller. Anyone can become a caller and earn money working from home, or anywhere in the world, calling local and national politicians on the issues that you’re most passionate about. You’ll be guided with a dynamic script and will be given great tools and tips to help you become a voice of thunder. All you need is a browser and an internet connection, we’ll handle the rest.

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