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After Smart watches, Smartphones now there will soon be a ‘Smart Clock‘ which actually exist as a prototype of a wall/desk cloud connected clock that shows and tells important metrics and notifications from the Internet in the right time, context or location. Currently the device is in second-prototype stage and was its first prototype was built in May 2013

A wall/desk cloud connected clock that shows and tells important metrics and notifications from the Internet in the right time, context or location.


Smart Clock is a patent pending battery powered clock with white and multi-colored LED matrix and several useful sensors inside(temperature, humidity, light, noise), that connects via bluetooth 4.0 or WiFi to your smartphone/PC to notify you by bright icons, scrolling text and animations of just about anything that happens on the internet.

Smart Clock is a first product of Smart Atoms a London based tech based startup that produce LED hardware, create mobile apps which communicate with hardware gadgets and also builds web solutions apps.

Smart Clock improves external and internal business communications by delivering sensitive, engaging and motivational messages across physical business locations.

Smart Clock delivers business data, promotions, stats, results to customers or employees in the right time, context or location and startup claims that the gadget can improve customer loyalty, employees talent acquisition and profits as well.


This gadget clock is answers to business and home spaces needs which act as a functional device to engage customers, motivate employees, make your personal area more informative and comfortable. The gadget provide notifications such as – Facebook Likes, Stats, Twitter, Calendar events, Word of the day etc. in LED display.

Smart Clock consists of the following elements:

  1. Smart Clock device
  2. iOS/Android/Mac/PC app for setting rules and configuring notifications for Smart Clock
  3. iOS/Android/Mac/PC SDK for developers community

At single point of time the gadget clock can be used for various purposes such as – meeting room counter and informer, Score board for competitive sports, company Twitter inside the room, queue system for businesses, displays caller’s ID,Facebook/Twitter message, hardware Facebook likes counter and App Store/Play downloads.

The founder & CEO of the startup Smart Atoms is Nazar Bilous who have previously built a technological company called Lemberg Solutions Limited of UK and till now runs a successful startups other than Smart Atoms – EduKidsApps.com which is a cross platform educational apps for kids.

The price of the clock is yet be announced by Smart Atoms company as the revelation will be too early as the product is still in prototype stage but soon to be launched for public use in this year only.

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