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0 - An Emerging New Startup from Ahmedabad is an emerging new startup based out of Ahmedabad that aims to plug the gap of providing youth population by providing them what’s new, unexplored or interesting in their city, this city-specific content portal provides  information of unexplored, unusual or awesome stuff in the city.

[cp_quote style=”quote_right_dark”]The startup business model+concept is indeed a subject of a case-study in itself as it has managed to turn the profits on positive side in short span of time (~5 months).[/cp_quote]

As mostly in beginning times most of the startup don’t show much of positive profit margins infact no profits or even in negatives.The startup has created a case-study in itself as it has managed to turn the profits on positive side in short span of time (~5 months) and the business model+concept is indeed a subject of case study.

Notably, on a traditional basis one can only ‘search’ or better say ‘google’ about places that he or she knows, but how will you search places that you are not even aware of ?, than the portal of this kind comes into the picture such as – BuzzInTown and now a new one with crisper looks. CityShor explores curates and presents the most happening, unexplored or unheard stuff in Food, Fashion, Travel, Events and Entertainment through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Blog & Emails.

As of now CityShor only caters  Ahmedabad city only but have plans to get into other cities as well, the portal is also associated with radio station 94.3 FM which covers CityShor’s content on a daily basis. The portal also claims for being able to divert significant amount of footfalls at retailers i.e. almost 70% of foot falls and 400% revenue increment and have even have case study to support it.

The startup is self-funded and just 5 month old with very small team of employees and already picked-up popularity among Ahmedabad youth, the startup is also planning to launch new discount section where it will provide discount coupons of retail outlets, cafes and restaurants.

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