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Dial2Verify – A Free Cloud Based Missed Call Verification System


A Mumbai based startupDial2Verify has been launched as a very useful service for all those online service provider which requires a valid user database especially e-commerce or paid online products which need to verify the authenticity of a user. I believe this is first time in India when a “Clean & Free” platform are being provided for this segment of – ‘in-cloud’ mobile services.

Dial2Verify provides an easy to integrate platform for building missed call based commercial solutions and has ability to notify missed call alerts in real-time and in cloud and moreover with no extra software or hardware need and never charge for customer verification needed  to build a loyal and verified customer base.


For using the Dial2verify service one has to be little  familiar with coding and requires a very simple process –  Generate API Key of your own, which can later be used while integrating API in your applications. You can even generate API key by giving miss call to 0-4466-9494-99 and can also track API usage in developer login dashboard.

Further, to initiate a user authentication process user need to give a missed call to the telephone number generated by Dial2Verify API Call which will than received by Dial2Verify servers and it would than dispatch a confirmation message to the user for successful verification of his/her mobile device and send confirmation status to your application as well.

Dial2verify which is self funded Mumbai startup and run its development labs from Bangalore, India claims to handle 100k requests per minute and capable of dispatching 1 million SMS a day. Some of the use cases of Dial2very are:

  1. sign-up Verification: for building a clean user base by validating user’s telephone numbers with just a missed call.
  2. Lead Generation: for Optimizing sales profits by maintaining accurate telephone data.
  3. Transaction Authorization: For building an alternative to OTP (One time password) based transaction authorization system.
  4. E-commerce Cash On Delivery: for validating user identity before dispatching cash on delivery shipments.
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