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There has been increment in finding jobs via online social networks, employers now building HR pages in Facebook and even hiring resources via LinkedIn which started years back, now employers, companies are using twitter as one of the prominent tool for finding people for open vacancies even for higher management.

Last year, 13% of companies said they used Twitter to find talent, according to a survey of 1,600 recruiters and human resources by Jobvite, a firm specialising in applicant-tracking systems.

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Although there are a couple of twitter search engines for finding jobs such as TwitJobSearch another way is to follow a twitter hashtag – #Tweetmyjobs or simply go to TweetMyJobs site.

Multinational brands, including Disney India (@disneyjobsindia), Starbucks (@starbucksjobs) and L’Oreal (@lorealgradjobs), now use specific Twitter handles to post jobs and engage potential job seekers in different regions looking to apply. For example, at consulting firm Accenture, the Twitter account for @accenture_jobs has tweets for the #joboftheday and alerts followers on days when someone from the human resources team is scheduled to appear at a job fair.

Below are direct twitter accounts of employers/ consultants, where they tweet openings in their respective organization/companies. The twitter list below will get updated continuously as per feedback/additions received by readers. Please comment you opinion or any other account addition to list.

CompanyTwitter Account LinkVerified AccountCountry/Region
Accenture India@AccentureIndiaIndia
Adecco India@adeccoindiajobsIndia
AOL Jobs@AOLJobsVerifiedU.S
AT&T Jobs@attJOBSVerifiedU.S
Cummins India@IndiaJobCumminsIndia
Disney Auditions@disneyauditionsU.S
Disney Interactive@DI_JobsU.S
Ernst & Young @EY_CareersUSU.S
Gates Foundation HR@JobsAtGatesGlobal
GE Global Research@GEresearchJobsGlobal
Google (Life at Google)@googlejobsVerifiedGlobal
HCL Technologies@HCLTechJobsIndia
IBM India (Software Jobs) @IBMIN_sftwrejobIndia
New York PR Jobs@nyprjobsU.S
PepsiCo UK@PepsiCo_UKjobsU.K
Red Hat@RedHatJobsGlobal
Salesforce Jobs@salesforcejobsVerifiedGlobal
Starbucks Jobs@StarbucksJobsVerifiedU.S
Time Warner@TimeWarnerJobsU.S
UPS Jobs@UPSjobsVerifiedU.S
Yahoo Jobs@YahooJobsVerifiedGlobal
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