India is No.1 Spam Source of the World [Top Reasons]India has topped the list and this time for wrong reason which is being the most spam spreading country in the world. As per report published by Sophos, 1 out of 6 spam messages in your inbox are from India with handsome 16.1% share of all spams.

India has been named no.1 spam relaying country in the world second time in a row by Sophos, once in April-June 2012 and now for next quarter of July-September 2012 with increase of nearly 5% in India’s previous share of spams across the globe.These figures shows negative aspects of India despite of the fact that only 5.3% of the world’s internet users are from India.

Back in 2008, India was on 9th place in all spamming countries with just 2.9% share and U.S was on the top and just six months back India started accounting around 9% of all spam source in the world, however now after six months the figures shoots to 16.1% making India no.1 of all spamming countries.

The major cause depicted for the cause of rise in India’s contribution to all the spam over web is lack of security in India’s networks and computers used by Indian users.

The top 12 spam-relaying countries for July to September 2012:

1. India 16.1%
2. Italy 9.4%
3. USA 6.5%
4. Saudi Arabia 5.1%
5. Brazil 4.0%
6. Turkey 3.8%
7. France 3.7%
8. South Korea 3.6%
9. Vietnam 3.4%
10. China 3.1%
11. Germany 2.7%
12. United Kingdom 2.1%
Other 36.5%

Why so much spam from India, anyway ?

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Being no. spam country doesn’t mean that India is original source of all that annoying spam in the world, rather the country is ‘used’ as the spam relay country and underlying cause being ill secured computer machines/ PCs used in India in both corporate and home environment.

Top Reasons –

  • India accounts for most ill-protected computers thus allowing them to be turned into spam relaying source so as to throw spam,zombies in botnets.
  • Spammer use India’s home computers users as medium to pass through their messages and send spam, because most of the home users in the country use outdated anti-virus or either not concerned about securing their PCs.
  • Unsecured email applications used in corporate/ office based PCs in India, thus hi-tech criminals/hijackers use computer viruses to seize control of these unsecured machines and finally using them spam spreading machines.
  • As substantial amount of internet users in India are first time users, they are not aware of security aspects and threats coming from internet, thus hackers hijack their system to relay spams using their systems as medium to pass spam across other machines.
  • A very few corporate and office networks install ‘effective’ security firewalls or protection systems and most of them spent very few on IT/ network security infrastructure.

Picture credit – Don O’Brien



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