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5 Inspirational Videos for Entrepreneurs & Startups Must See

Tips for the Entrepreneur – Larry Page & Eric Schmidt

Google co-founder Larry Page provides several tips for entrepreneurs. Tip 1: Just don’t settle. Especially with employees, it is very important to find great people you are compatible with. Tip 2: There is a benefit from being real experts. Experience pays off. Tip 3: Have a healthy disregard for the impossible. Stretch your goals. Tip 4: It is OK to solve a hard problem. Solving hard problems is where you will get the biggest leverage. Tip 5: Don’t pay attention to the VC bandwagon.

Don’t start a company just because you can. Instead, have a really good idea that is good regardless of the funding situation –  video part of series via Stanford University E-Corner .

Do What Makes You Happy

This one is an inspiration video  (via TED) from Chip Conley, an American hotelier, author and speaker. He’s founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality, began in 1987 when he was of age 26.

At time when dotcom bubble burst-ed, Chip Conley went in search of a business model based on happiness. In an old friendship with an employee and in the wisdom of a Buddhist king, he learned that success comes from what you count. Chip Conley creates joyful hotels, where he hopes his employees, customers and investors alike can realize their full potential. His books share that philosophy with the wider world. An amazing video for every startup people worth listening

“As leaders, we understand that intangibles are important, but we don’t have a clue how to measure them.”
– Chip Conley


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Steve Jobs to Entrepreneurs

This is one of the brief recorded advice from Steve Jobs to entrepreneurs, excerpts from the D5 conference in May 2007 where both Steve Jobs & Bill Gates made presence together where Steve shares his advice to create successful brand out of startups.



Richard Branson’s Advice to Entrepreneurs

A magic business person who started his business with help of bank loan for publishing business for a magazine called Student at the age of 16 and for next 5 years, there after a chain of record stores now famous as Virgin Records, airways, mobile & telecom, healthcare. He became 4th richest citizen of the United Kingdom with an estimated net worth of US$4.2 billion in 2011.

As of now Virgin Group is made up of around 200 companies spanning 30 countries with involvements in leisure, travel, tourism, mobile, broadband, TV, radio, music festivals, finance, health and more. As a common trait in every top people of the world he too is a guy who left school with no decent qualification.

Tips from Loic Le Meur to Entrepreneurs

This is video is an interview by Brian Solis featuring tips from Loic Le Meur to entrepreneurs. In 1999, he sold his first technology company, RapidSite, to France Telecom, there after cameback with Tekora in 2000. In 2003, he purchased Ublog, a French blog hosting company and merged it with Six Apart in 2004. In late 2006 Loic Le Meur became a public backer of French presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy and joined Sarkozy’s campaign team as an advisor on Internet-related topics.

Give us your comments and tips for entrepreneurship & raising a startup.

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