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Every website owner wants to have faster loading web pages and lighting fast content load for better user experience as well as for better positioning in Google search results ever since Google incorporated site speed as criteria for search rankings. As a matter of fact 80-90% of the end-user response time is spent downloading all the static components in web pages such as – images, CSS files, scripts etc. and one can cut this time effectively to cut waiting time of end-users.

For solution of this, CDN come in to the picture as they serve these static content to end-users with high availability and high performance as these CDN is actually a large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple data centers over the Internet

However, when it comes to those website owners, bloggers who can’t afford to have CDN services, well than, not all CDN services come with price tag. There are some CDN’s which requires only 5 minutes of your configuration setup and you are done with optimizing your website by reducing considerable amount of webpage loading time. Here are few CDN services which are free to be used without any cost of even a single penny.

Google Page Speed Services

10 Best Free CDN Services to Speed Up Your Website

One of the simplest and totally free service from Google to optimize and automatically speed up web pages. Once you sign up for PageSpeed service and provide with your serving and reference domains, you than send traffic to PageSpeed Service by pointing your DNS CNAME entry to

Thereafter, PageSpeed Service fetches content from your servers, rewrites your pages by applying web performance best practices and serves them to end users via Google’s servers across the globe.


10 Best Free CDN Services to Speed Up Your Website

This one is my favourite, as it has no unconditional or deceptive offers who after 15 or 30 days wanted to charge for their services. You just have to give them your website URL and rest will be done by CloudFlare except that you have to change your DNS nameserver entries and you are done.

One of the best thing about free CloudFlare service is that it offer you added optimization services such minified CSS, JS and HTML, gzipping the components, E-tags headersand other performance settings without any extra cost and absolutely free.

The WordPress also offers CloudFlare WordPress Plugin that ensures your WordPress blog is running optimally on the CloudFlare platform and better protection as spammers from your WordPress blog get reported to CloudFlare.

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10 Best Free CDN Services to Speed Up Your Website
CoralCDN is a free and open content distribution network based around peer-to-peer technologies, composed of a world-wide network of web proxies and nameservers.

Usage of CoralCDN is simple, similar to previous services, you just append to the hostname of any URL, and your request for that URL is handled by CoralCD. For example – append to like –, afterwards a peer-to-peer DNS layer transparently redirects browsers to participating caching proxies, which in turn coöperate to reduce load on the source web serve.


10 Best Free CDN Services to Speed Up Your Website

Being a commercial CDN service provider Incapsula also provide free CDN services of 50 GB/month to their users, although its 30 days trial service, after 30 days they will ask you to upgrade account, what you have to do is to ignore this notice, then you can use it for free forever with some limited features however.

Free Cloud Hosted Libraries-

Google Hosted Libararies

Google Hosted Libraries is a content distribution network (CDN) for the most popular, open-source JavaScript libraries such as – Mootools, Prototype, Dojo and especially heaviest one JQuery.

To add a library to your site, simply use <script> tags to include the library, such as to load jQuery, one has put the script tag snippet in your web page with file URL that of Google CDN, see examples you will than share bandwidth with Google CDN which in turn saves some amount of server’s bandwidth along with parallel download advantage.

Microsoft Ajax CDN

The Microsoft Ajax Content Delivery Network (CDN) hosts popular third-party JavaScript libraries such as jQuery and enables you to easily add them to your Web applications. Using this CDN hosted libraries is similar to that of Google using script tag. The contents of the CDN are cached on servers located around the world. In addition, the CDN enables browsers to reuse cached third party JavaScript files for web sites that are located in different domains.

Microsoft Ajax CDN also ASP.NET Ajax and ASP.NET MVC JavaScript Files, which make very useful or .NET based web apps.


Unlike to other hosted libraries that of Google or Microsoft, they only host the most popular libraries whereas CDNJS host the other stuff too with over 145 libraries wich is almost 15 times of  libraries hosted at Google. CDNJS is CloudFlare powered hosted libraries CDN infrastructre.

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This one is GitHub based CDN host and one of the huge hosted CDN infrastructure with a vast collection of user-contributed javascript libraries, CSS files, Flash, flex files etc. with around 148 such libraries that have been cached, optimized, and hosted on Github’s fast CDN. Moreover, if any library is missing from this collection, than you post a request on Github and they will add it immediately.


jsDelivr is a free public CDN that hosts javascript libraries and jQuery plugins, including all of the files they need to work  like css or png. It even hosts javascript files that use popular WordPress plugins, like WP SlimStat. Basically if a lot of websites use it then we probably can host it.

jsDeliver is a web service for webmasters and developers. Almost none of the plugin developers allows direct linking to hosted versions of their plugins on their server because they can’t handle such traffic. So the users always have to download the plugins and host them on their own servers.

For WordPress users, it has JSdelivr CDN Plugin that allows to easily integrate and use the services of jsDelivr in WordPress based website.

Free Cloud based hosting for ‘WordPress’ –

DropBox as CDN

Dropbox, a well-known cloud based file sharing/storage network can also be used as cloud based CDN for WordPress based websites upto 2GB space as free service via a plugin. The plugin for WordPress available at Dropbox CDN Plugin page, which helps in reducing the bandwidth of your server and allowing users to load your site faster.  The plugin allows you to upload your images, stylesheets, scripts into your Dropbox public folder and serve these files from the Dropbox network.

Easy Post Images

This WordPress plugin lets you host your images only, on One can add an image via the WordPress post media manager, and it will upload the image to the popular image host and let you insert the image into your post with a thumbnail or without. It does not allow you host any thing other than just images.

Picture Credits – Cutangus @Flickr


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