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India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is going futuristic with it unmanned fighting systems & Artificial Inetlligence program and is developing robotic soldiers or humonoids or may be disambigous mules as a part of its unmanned fighting systems to be used by Indian army, said an official on last sunday.

DRDO Chennai wing is in process of building such robots to function as soldiers. V K Saraswat, scientific advisor to defence minister and director general, DRDO, said that – DRDO is working on building soldier robots that can work like a human soldier and for same they require database, artificial intelligence to carry out its humanoid development activities and the DRDO is planning to build such a robot.

Noticeably, DRDO has already developed Daksh, an electrically powered and remotely controlled robot used for locating, handling and destroying hazardous objects such as bombs safely. It has robotized arm which can lift a suspect object and scan it using its portable X-Ray device. If the object is a bomb, Daksh can defuse it with its water jet disrupter and if necessary Daksh can be armed with a shotgun.

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