TOI mahindra satyam wrong h

In a very misleading article posted by one of a leading Indian national daily newspaper Times of India’s website quoted in it headlines that – Mahindra Satyam posts $2.38bn profit in Q2 in this headline TOI wrongly placed ‘$’ instead of Indian Rupees symbol, anyways the Q2 profit of the company is 47 million in US$ and not billion, its Rs.2.38 billion however.

Although the main content of news article published is true, nevertheless the headlines make your eyes wide open if you have anything to do IT & ITES industry.

TOI website wrongly reports Mahindra Satyam Q2 profit as $2.38 bn (instead $47 mn)

The headlines just caught the attention as I searched in Google news, which put headlines as a biggest breaking  news that Indian IT Industry could ever handle as few of the top 5 IT companies in India has around $6 billion of total turnover comparing to $2.38 billion in just one quarter of year as apparently published in headlines by TOI.





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