Shah Rukh Khan became first verified Indian celeberities on google plus

Shah Rukh Khan became first verified Indian celeberities on google plusIn recently launched Google’s own social networking portal, which have became the fast emerging social networking destination online after facebook. Google+ towards active move on removing fake profiles of known personalities, worked further in India and Google+ first worked upon removing the fake profiles of Shahrukh Khan, one of the ace actor in India. Shah Rukh Khan is the first verified Indian celeb on Google+ which places a small ‘verified profile’ flag in front of the name.

As per Google India blog, an interesting fact is that, out of the 4 million monthly Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) search queries on Google worldwide, more than 1 million searches happen from countries like Germany, Finland, Malaysia and other Middle East nations. Therefore, being the 1st verified celebrity on Google+, noticeably the verfication just happen when SRK is all set to release his own home production large budget movie Ra.One, which already being promoted as dedicated channel on YouTube for proos and songs clips.

More interestingly, as per web analytics company Comscore India is second largest user of Google+. Web-traffic watcher company comScore estimated that Google has had 20 million users, including 5 million users from US and 2.85 million users from India in its early beta stage.

Apart from SRK, number of celeberities and known personalities has been listed as verified users out of India, so as to mark the genuinity of the respective profiles.

However, the Google India’s just-in-time move to promote verified celebs in India and that’s too of Indian movies personality who himself is proactive in propagating a movie of his, sees to be more of a marketing strategy rather than Google’s own step.

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  1. Ra One is the movie, which has nothing to see but only made money because of Online marketing and TV ads. It is the right way to market even flop films. Let us see, what he will do in DON 2.

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