inMobiInMobi, a Bangalore based ad network company founded just four years back raised $200 million from Japanese based internet company SoftBank, earlier the company managed also raise $8 million from investors like Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sherpalo Ventures.

This is one of a milestone for any startup across the globe and that’s too in short span of time of just 4 years. InMobi has been valued at least $800 million and one of the first product company in India that has climbed so far breaking the ice that India’s is only dependent to technogy service based companies.

Noticeably, InMobi is India’s biggest mobile advertising network and second biggest in the world and Google being on top with its recently aquired product AdMob. InMobi nearly has 47 billion monthly impressions combined on mobile apps and mobile websites whereas Google’s AdMob has 86 billion impressions per month.

Navin Tewari, Founder and CEO of the company’s is a IIT Kanpur engineer graduate, who started the company from scratch and partnred with four of his collegeous and friends. In 2007 the idea of mobile ad network ignited in their mind, keeping in the mind the fact that each and very people are carrying the mobile in their pockets.

InMobi is one of the first product based startup in India who have reached to such an extent in terms of geographical reach, monetary value and impact in such a short time. Rumours are on that Google is eyeing the company to acquire as its the closest competitor to Google mobile advertising.

TechCrunch had an interview with the founder CEO of the company Navin Tewari (below), although the interview was taken in 2010 the business he talked about have accoplished indeed within a year.


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