When the bogus Indian TV Media was busy on showing Shoe incidence on Congressman  Janardhan Diwedi, Prime Minister of India reacted for the first time over the one of the most unfortunate incidence of democratic Indian history that happened on Ramlila maidan on 4th June 2011, the statement  by Manmohan Singh was unfortunate one yet again as the not so hounarable PM of India said that there was no better alternative than this and there is no magic wand to eradicate corruption.

PM reacted for First Time on Facebook after Ramlila Maidan Tradgedy said this is only Alternative to Beat People in Midnight

What a shameful act yet again inspite of this much happening, Manmohan inspite showing his face to his countrymen is talking through Facebook, Mr PM of India if this would have been US or UK the President or PM of these countries would have shown grievieces in next 30 minutes or so as their part of duty, but the PM of India is hiding behind some non-Indian waiting to be commanded showing no thinking of his own.

Protestors being harrased by Indian police in ramlila maidan New DelhiBeating people in a peace ful protest and moreover to crowd gathering where women and childrens are also making presence this is shameful act any Prime Minister could do to his/her countrymen.

This much power strategy must have had shown to Raj thakrey when he was openly beating people in Mumbai and could have used CBI, RAW, BIS to avoid 26/11 mishappening and than these government bodies be it Police, CBI, IB always work best against it own people and not terrorist or corrupt ministers.

Agitated people of India are shooting comments on facebook saying – “It took one year to arrest Kalmadi, three years to arrest A Raja and one day to arrest Baba Ramdev.This Govt is of the Corrupt, by the Corrupt and for the Corrupt only”.

A friend of mine showed me a comment that he received from some in US after watching Ramlila Maidan news on TV – “Hey India and Indians, whats wrong with your constituition and rule of law? why do authorities/cops have right to use force against anyone when their lives are not threatened? in USA, cops have the power of one thing only and that one thing is PROTECT AND ENFORCE THE LAW and USE FORCE ONLY IF YOUR LIFE IS THREATENED! why do Indians cops always act like criminals and use force against people? the law should change and cops should never have power to beat people! period! thats CRUELTY!”

If liquor maker like Vijay Mallya make millions of dollar no body object, if Sharukh, Amitabh make crores just to entertain us this is also acceptable by poor people of India and if Rahul Gandhi in his 40s and jobless (a post in his “mummy’s” party is not a job its a silver spoon) can roam around with luxurious lifestyle this is also very noble, but if a Yoga guru travel through jet plane every body get hurts.RAMDEV5

Indians are very unfortunate that people like Manmohan singh is PM, as when Pm states that its only alternate i.e. to beat people in middle of the night, I have the better option for PM ..Send Sonia to Italy rather than blocking an Indian to come to his own nation’s capital i.e. Delhi.


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