WhiteSmoke Launches the All-in-One Writing Solution, Combining the WhiteSmoke Translator and Writer Into One

WhiteSmoke has announced their new “hybrid” product, WhiteSmoke 2011, one interface which includes the WhiteSmoke Translator, Writer, Dictionary and Templates to allow for maximum efficiency and ease of use

PR Newswire — February 24, 2011

WILMINGTON, Del.,Feb. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –Throughout the world, the need for an international language is growing as businesses all over the world become international and global information becomes easily accessible to all via the internet. By 2015 it’s predicted that English will be the most popular and widely spoken language in the world. As a result, the demand for English learning and writing products for both native and non-native English speakers is growing. Presently, consumers face a confusing array of electronic editing software options on the internet. Additionally, these products cannot be relied upon for their lack of accuracy and unsecure websites, allowing for a virus or malware to be downloaded to one’s computer. As a result, time is being wasted on proofreading and unsatisfactory products.

WhiteSmoke Inc. is a software company that provides world-leading English and translation solutions to millions of users around the world. Up until now, their main products were the WhiteSmoke Writer and the WhiteSmoke Translator, two very different products on separate interfaces. The WhiteSmoke Writer examines texts, corrects and offers suggestions for enhancements as well as a Writing Review with a full and detailed score of the text allowing the user to not only write English perfectly but improve his/her writing skills as well. This is done using high-end algorithms based on natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and statistical based technology. The WhiteSmoke Translator allows the user to translate full texts to and from 9 languages using advanced, statistical machine technology. Should a user need both products, he/she would have had to purchase the WhiteSmoke Translator and Writer and use them in two separate interfaces.

WhiteSmoke 2011, the new WhiteSmoke product, changes things for their millions of users. WhiteSmoke 2011 is one interface with all of the WhiteSmoke products: WhiteSmoke Translator, WhiteSmoke Writer, Multi-Lingual Dictionary and the Ready-to-Use Templates. Today, using the new “hybrid” interface, a non-native English speaker can use the WhiteSmoke Translator tab to translate texts from their mother tongue language to English, and have that text edited and perfected in the Writer tab.

In addition, WhiteSmoke Inc. has announced that they have launched a free trial of their new product. The WhiteSmoke 2011 trial allows the user to experience all of the WhiteSmoke 2011 features, fully for a limited time. This product is available for free download on the WhiteSmoke website and as such WhiteSmoke has collaborated with some of the top anti-virus companies in the world to allow their users to confidently download without having to worry about malware or viruses. Today the word “virus” brings shivers down anyone’s spine, even more so when the virus being discussed is a software virus and not the physical kind. The WhiteSmoke 2011 Trial version allows the user to be sure they are downloading the WhiteSmoke Writer and WhiteSmoke Translator, virus free.

Liran Brenner, VP R&D at WhiteSmoke Inc. says: “As an engineer and programmer, I am always anxious of insecurities and therefore found it a must to secure our website and all of our downloadable products from any virus or malware lurking out there. We want our users to use the WhiteSmoke 2011, with the WhiteSmoke Translator and Writer, without worrying about the speed or security of their computer.”


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