OpenRTB Consortium Launches Mobile Committee

Mobile Advertising Leaders Team to Release Open Real-Time Bidding Standards

PR Newswire — February 24, 2011

BOSTON and NEW YORK, Feb. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Technology leaders in mobile advertising today announced the launch of OpenRTB Mobile, a functional committee of the successful OpenRTB consortium, dedicated to increasing the adoption of real-time bidding (RTB) standards in mobile advertising.


OpenRTB Mobile brings together leading mobile advertising companies representing the supply and demand-side of the ecosystem, including Sell-Side Platforms (SSPs) Nexage, PubMatic, and Smaato; Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) DataXu, Fluent Mobile, and [x+1]; and ad network Jumptap. The group’s mission is to establish guidelines that enable technology platforms to build standard real-time bidding APIs with basic commonalities that increase the efficiency and speed of adoption and ease interaction between platforms.

“Our goal is to dramatically accelerate the adoption of RTB in mobile,” said Jim Butler, CTO & VP of Engineering of Nexage. “We believe that by striking first at the core supply and demand interfaces, we will eliminate substantial friction in the marketplace, while maintaining an atmosphere in which healthy competition and differentiation can thrive.”

OpenRTB Mobile’s first initiative is to set standards for the actual real-time bidding protocol, which is the primary dialog between a supply source (SSP or exchange) and demand platforms (DSPs or bidders). Its interactions have several layers and complexities that have caused many online platforms to diverge. With RTB at an early stage in mobile, there was a clear opportunity to learn from the prior experience in online, pull this core specification together, and standardize the way in which buyers and sellers communicate to create a more efficient marketplace.

“Industry analysts report that mobile advertising will top $1 billion in 2011,” said Bill Simmons, OpenRTB Consortium Founder and DataXu CTO. “Creating an open bidding interface between inventory suppliers and bidders will drive strong growth and drive greater innovation, cooperation and profitability for the entire ecosystem. We estimate a free and open standard will accelerate adoption of real-time bidding auctions by at least a year.”

Future OpenRTB Mobile initiatives are planned to address the handling of rich media, reliable click tracking, and a number of mobile focused taxonomies and best practices.

The OpenRTB Mobile committee works closely with the OpenRTB consortium to align interests across the digital advertising ecosystem and disseminate information and standards to interested parties. Updates on the OpenRTB Mobile spec, standards, new initiatives, and participants’ input can be found at

Companies or individuals interested in learning more or participating in OpenRTB Mobile can contact the committee at

About OpenRTB Mobile

OpenRTB Mobile functions as the mobile sub-committee of OpenRTB, a consortium of digital media companies dedicated to accelerating the growth of the real-time bidding (RTB) marketplace, by providing open industry standards for communication between mobile ad inventory buyers and sellers.

Contact: Jessica Angell Nexage 781-890-0071 ext. 238


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