Page Plus Cellular Adds More Data, Messages to Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

PR Newswire — February 17, 2011

HOLLAND, Ohio, Feb. 17, 2011/PRNewswire/ — At a time when some wireless providers are limiting their data plans and moving from unlimited to tiered data pricing, nationwide prepaid cell phone service provider Page Plus Cellular announced it is adding more data, and more text and picture messages, to its $29.95 a month Talk n Text 1200 plan.

The plan, which provided 1,200 voice minutes, 1,200 text or picture messages and 50 megabytes of data, will now include 2,000 text or picture messages and 100 megabytes of data. The data overage rate – the rate charged on data usage in excess of the plan limit – has also been lowered from $.60 per MB to $.15 on this plan and also on the Unlimited Talk n Text plan. Customers who want to add more data to either plan can, for example, add $10 to their prepaid account to get an additional 66 MB of data usage. The overage rate for voice minutes on the Talk n Text 1200 plan was also lowered from $.12 to $.10 per minute.

The company said the move is in response to increasing demand for data usage and messaging by its customers. Page Plus marketing manager Denny Scher said, “This was already an incredible plan considering all it offered for just $29.95 a month. But we also want to accommodate those who use more data and do more texting. By doubling the amount of data and increasing the number of text and picture messages, we can continue to offer a very affordable option to a wider customer base. I believe we will also see a lot of new customers switching to Page Plus from other providers, because they can save money with this plan.”

Page Plus Cellular is a prepaid cell phone service provider with nationwide coverage on one of the largest wireless networks in the United States. Page Plus is consistently ranked among the top prepaid mobile providers for low rates and flexible plans. Page Plus cell phones and prepaid cellular plans are available through its large national network of dealers, and on its Web site at

SOURCE Page Plus Cellular

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