Gragg Advertising Develops Affiliate Marketing Program,

New affiliate marketing website exceeds 2011 goal by 320 percent in first month

PR Newswire — February 11, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Feb. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –Gragg Advertising launches (CSE), an affiliate marketing tool used to generate leads for career school clients. Strong relationships in the education industry, a long history with connecting schools with prospective students and participation in a January Affiliate Summit conference has led CSE to surpass its 2011 goal by 320 percent within its first month.


CSE partnered with over 20 affiliates, allowing for the delivery of over 1,500 leads within the first 30 days.

Affiliate marketing is the process of aggregating many diverse lead sources into a single stream of leads. Gragg Advertising hired Sarah Johnson to manage and develop the program in the fall of 2010, officially launching it in December 2010. The service allows Gragg Advertising to better ensure lead quality by actively managing the network of lead producers.

In 2011, Gragg Advertising and CSE will continue to acquire affiliates to drive traffic to, allowing the website to continually generate leads for clients. CSE seeks to pair prospective students with educational institutions. provides quality career education leads for partnering schools while offering competitive payouts for our affiliate publishers. Our strong relationships within the education industry allow us to continually generate quality prospective student sources. It also provides students a user-friendly interface in which to search schools, current articles and tips of how to navigate the higher education process.

AboutGragg Advertising

Gragg Advertising is a full-service, strategic advertising agency focusing on data-driven results. Working with clients around the globe, Gragg Advertising focuses on providing a quantifiable ROI for the marketing dollars of their clients. The agency combines traditional branding strategy with proven direct response marketing tactics in order to create campaigns that are both memorable and measurable. Learn more at or 816-931-0050.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Lauren Henson Media Contact 816-931-0500 ext. 341

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