Calvert Education Services and Epic One on One Charter School Launch Oklahoma Statewide Virtual School

PR Newswire — February 11, 2011

Oklahoma Calvert Academy to Serve Students Throughout Oklahoma Beginning in Fall 2011

BALTIMORE, Feb. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Epic One on One Charter School and Calvert Education Services, one of the nation’s premier providers of distance education, today announced an innovative partnership to launch a new online elementary and middle charter school for students throughout the state of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Calvert Academy (OKCAL). Classes in this new Oklahoma virtual school will begin in the fall of 2011.


“We are very proud to include Epic One on One Charter School in our ever-expanding list of partner schools and we are excited to provide this innovative academic option to students in Oklahoma,” said Richard Rasmus, CEO of Calvert Education Services. “Epic’s passion for virtual education led to this dynamic partnership. This program will enhance virtual education options throughout the state and contribute directly to the development of 21st century competencies in Oklahoma students, preparing them for the workplace of tomorrow.”

OKCAL is designed for families seeking a personalized education for their children that is custom-tailored to their individual family needs. Students in Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade attend OKCAL from their home in a blended online and offline environment. They frequently participate in age-appropriate, online classes conducted by highly qualified instructors. Students also complete class work both online and offline using provided web-based tools, textbooks from major publishers, workbooks, activity books, and supplies. A parent or guardian serves as the Learning Guide offering assistance, verifying work, and serving as liaison with the supervising instructor.

“OKCAL is perfect for students who would thrive in an alternative to the traditional classroom setting,” said Rasmus. “With the flexibility inherent in virtual education, students are able to learn at their own pace, whether they need to accelerate or if they are in need of remediation. In addition, virtual education helps accommodate families with scheduling conflicts or those students whose parents desire to be with their children more and exercise more control over their social and learning environments.” There is no cost for the OKCAL program, and students will be able to access courses anywhere an Internet connection can be found.

The Calvert Education Services and Epic One on One Charter School partnership brings together two academic leaders. Epic One on One operates their charter throughout the state of Oklahoma and is committed to offering innovative academic solutions to all Oklahoma families. Calvert Education Services is the nation’s oldest provider of distance education services and features an Oklahoma state-certified version of the world-renowned Calvert School curriculum, which has been successfully used to educate over 600,000 students through the last century. The high-quality Calvert academic program is used in homes, charter schools, virtual programs, and brick and mortar institutions worldwide.

“This partnership with Calvert Education Services is just another innovative option for Oklahoma families,” said David Chaney, Founder of Epic One On One Charter School. “We remain committed to making the best academic programs available to our students.”

OKCAL began accepting enrollments in mid-February, 2011. Parents may enroll their children on the website,, or by calling (888) 361-2635.

About Calvert Education Services

Calvert Education Services, LLC has been the trusted leader in distance learning for over a century. It serves schools and students in all 50 states and over 60 countries with its world-renowned curriculum and exceptional academic support services. Calvert dedicates itself to inspiring students to realize their full potential in a 21st century learning environment using a proven curriculum, personal instructional support, and outstanding online learning resources all designed to encourage academic excellence.

About Epic One on One Charter School

Epic One on One Charter School provides an opportunity for students with their parents to partner together educationally while realizing each student’s individual potential. Epic One On One was founded with the vision of filling a void that exists in our public education system. The school is designed to work in partnership with students and parents to ensure each child’s success. Epic One On One Charter School serves Pre-K-12 (ages 4-21) and offers an individualized, online curriculum, which brings out the excitement each student should experience during the learning process. The Epic One on One Charter School is free to all Oklahoma students and works within a contract with Graham Public Schools to operate the school.

SOURCE Calvert Education Services, LLC

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