ATCi’s MeshTV Now Offering Services Throughout EMEA

Delivering Cost-Effective Uplink, Downlink, Mobile Streaming, Backhaul Delivery and Turnaround Services Using Teleports, Flyaway and Transportable Uplink and Downlink Systems to EMEA Region

PR Newswire — February 8, 2011

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Feb. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Antenna Technology Communications Inc. (ATCi), a provider of ground-based commercial satellite communications systems and services, announced from the Cabsat and Satellite Conference, it is offering its MeshTV services to the EMEA region. MeshTV is a multi-screen media provider for television, broadcast, CATV, Internet, and live mobile video that offers the first alternative service to radically improve media requirements for today’s attention economy by providing the best analytics reporting for media companies, to offer services to EMEA.

MeshTV provides uplink, downlink and turnaround services using teleports, flyaway and transportable uplink and downlink systems with C, Ku and Ka-Band antennas. The Company also provides production support as well as numerous additional value-added capabilities which round out the most comprehensive inventory of services. MeshTV’s Service Solutions include low cost Channel Distribution/Backhaul Services, Viewership Analytics Fiber Connectivity Master Control Services, Playout Services, Disaster Recovery, Encryption Services, Satellite News Gathering (SNG), Flyaway Uplink Systems, and Social Network Integration.

“The MeshTV service suite delivers best-of-breed technologies to the live mobile video market and we are thrilled to be working to provide winning business models to our media and mobile customers in the Middle East,” said Gary Hatch, ATCi and MeshTV’s CEO. “ATCi’s unique analytic harvesting technologies enable multi-screen operators the ability to process unique usage alogrithms that ultimately provide customers with best cross-correlated viewership reports,” Hatch continued. “ATCi is also in the process of implementing additional cost-effective GSM backhaul systems which are being implemented throughout the Middle East, Africa and Latin America over the upcoming years,” Hatch concluded.

MeshTV’s catastrophe-free southwest America’s location enables the Company to offer a unique distribution platform with significantly lower pricing than any of its competitors. ATCi also offers a full suite of services from Hong Kong delivering to Asian teleports.

SOURCE Antenna Technology Communications Inc.

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