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PR Newswire — February 8, 2011

MIAMI, Feb. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — TV CHILE presents MADE IN CHILE, a TV miniseries that showcases diverse Chilean products and the enterprises that manufacture them. The series consists of eight episodes; each dedicated to a production field, and is transmitted with English subtitles on Saturdays at 6:30 PM, with encores on Sundays at 3:30 AM and 9:00 AM, (EST) through TV CHILE.

MADE IN CHILE shows the initiative of Chilean entrepreneurs in diverse industrial areas, telling their stories, experiences and even the adventures lived while developing their products, culminating with the successful results that opened the country to international markets.

The documentary-style TV show is produced by the Association of Exporters of Manufacturing and Services, Asexma Chile A.G., with sponsoring by TV CHILE, and is part of a joint project with the ProChile Committee for Sector Branding (Chile Brands) with the objective of promoting Chilean exports and creating awareness in potential foreign commercial partners.

“Although we’re located in different regions, the productivity issues and the technological and supply needs are similar. Because of this, we want to reach out to other markets with innovative solutions,” says Marcos Illesca, Asexma’s Project Manager, during a visit to Miami for the series release.

The MADE IN CHILE series features diverse subjects, such as Information Technology, Plastic Industry, Laboratories and Health Providers, Metallurgy, Packaging and Containers, Mining Providers, Gourmet Food, and the Audiovisual Industry. Each episode is divided into five segments that feature entrepreneurs and their companies, extending an invitation to leaders in other countries to form strategic alliances.

“Chile offers competitive advantages for the international markets,” says Illesca. “Twenty years of constant growth, solid administrative, transportation, and communications infrastructures, along with the advanced development of our technological processes, present a favorable atmosphere for quality services. We are very interested in hearing the opinions and suggestions from South Florida entrepreneurs,” concludes Illesca, inviting them to visit the website,

Scheduled segments for MADE IN CHILE on TV CHILE: (EST) (In Spanish with English subtitles)

METALLURGY Saturday, February 12th, at 6:30 PM and Sunday, February 13th, at 3:30 AM and 9:00 AM

PACKAGING AND CONTAINERS Saturday, February 19th, at 6:30 PM and Sunday, February 20th, 2011, at 3:30 AM and 9:00 AM

TV CHILE can be found in South Florida through Comcast (channel 658), DirecTV (channel 437), U-VERSE (channel 3032), Atlantic Broadband (channel 241) and Advanced Cable Communications (channel 414).


SOURCE Andromeda Productions

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