ITS InfoCom Improves Service Levels to Clients and Reduces Costs With Nimsoft Unified Monitoring Solution

Multi-National Hosted Solutions Provider Leverages NMS to Streamline Monitoring Complex Infrastructure and Paves the Way for Cloud Offerings

PR Newswire — February 2, 2011

CAMPBELL, Calif., Feb. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Nimsoft today announced that ITS InfoCom, a multinational IT solutions company, has deployed the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution (NMS) to monitor its clients’ infrastructures.

NMS virtually eliminates the need to integrate multiple disparate systems while adding significant value. In addition to providing unified access to historical data and automated alerting features through custom portals, NMS provides resiliency features that help ITS InfoCom ensure the availability of its clients’ critical infrastructure and applications.

By deploying NMS, ITS InfoCom is able to consolidate the functionality of multiple monitoring tools into a single solution, significantly reducing the operational overhead associated with managing those tools and allowing staff resources to be allocated to other critical tasks.

With the Nimsoft Unified Monitoring Portal, ITS InfoCom can give its clients greater visibility into their hosted infrastructures and increased confidence that their systems and applications are running optimally.

“Improving our monitoring capabilities with NMS has allowed us to significantly improve the cost/benefit ratio we offer our clients,” said Alex Gonzalez, ITS InfoCom corporate operations director. “Since implementing NMS and migrating our installed base to the solution, we have reduced new client set up time by 50% while lowering ongoing monitoring platform management costs by 35%.”

Gonzalez added that the solution’s suitability for monitoring dynamic hosting and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) environments is ideal for supporting ITS InfoCom’s new cloud offerings.

“Nimsoft delivers strategic value to services providers seeking to capitalize on the growing demand cloud solutions,” said Gary Read, Nimsoft CEO. “Our unique infrastructure monitoring technology makes Nimsoft the ideal partner for service providers that need to respond to a rapidly-changing market while sustaining business performance.”

About ITS InfoCom

ITS InfoCom is a multinational company offering Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) services to organizations throughout North, Central & South America and the Caribbean. With 14 years of market experience and over 1300 employees in eleven countries the company is able to provide a unique depth of ICT expertise to deliver reliable and cost-effective near-shore Managed Service solutions.


About Nimsoft

Nimsoft provides Unified Monitoring solutions for virtualized data centers, hosted and managed services, cloud platforms, and SaaS resources. The Nimsoft Unified Monitoring architecture virtually eliminates the need to deploy a new monitoring solution for outsourced services, public or private clouds, or SaaS implementations. Over 1000 customers use Nimsoft Unified Monitoring solutions, including hundreds of leading hosting, cloud and managed service providers such as 1&1, BlueLock, CDW, Hitachi, QTS, Rackspace, SoftLayer and Troubadour. For more information, visit or to see Nimsoft Unified Monitoring in action, visit the Nimsoft public portal at

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