Telcordia’s Advanced Service Delivery and Charging Solutions Help Operators Grow Prepaid Service Market Share

Enables Operators to Increase Brand Reach and Deploy Innovative, Value-Added Services

PR Newswire — February 1, 2011

PISCATAWAY, N.J., Feb. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — According to industry analyst firm Ovum, the prepaid segment in the U.S. wireless market grew 17 percent in 4Q09 to 54.4 million subscribers, and — by 2014 — 24 percent of all U.S. wireless connections is expected to be prepaid. As more North American communications service providers (CSPs) offer prepaid products, Telcordia’s advanced Service Delivery and Charging solutions will play a key role by providing them with integrated applications that handle real-time session control, real-time policy, real-time charging, and converged and interactive services, and will help them increase prepaid market share and brand reach.

A key example of Telcordia’s Service Delivery and Charging solutions is the success that Sprint and its branded service providers have garnered with their prepaid offerings. Already one of the largest prepaid service providers in North America, Sprint can write and apply session control, rating, charging, usage and policy rules for every customer, every call and every transaction or interaction. The result is greater flexibility that improves personalization and the customer experience, and — in Sprint’s case — helped to facilitate the multi-brand strategy behind its prepaid service providers, including Boost Mobile(TM), Virgin Mobile USA and payLo by Virgin Mobile?.

According to Mike Wojcik, President, Service Delivery Solutions, Telcordia, the company’s solutions enable communication service providers like Sprint to target specific audiences with highly personalized bundles and services without compromising its premium brands. A key implementation of these solutions is payLo(TM) by Virgin Mobile, which allows customers to choose from three no annual contract plan options that include a full set of features to fit a subscriber’s individual needs and budget.

“Mobile customers in North America are beginning to mirror other parts of the world in wanting more control over their service, and [they are] turning to prepaid to fit their specific needs,” Wojcik said. “With our Service Delivery and Charging solutions, CSPs like Sprint are ideally positioned to capitalize on this growth and expand its portfolio with real-time, value-added services in the future.”

“As the market moves toward greater personalization to find the right offers and services that appeal to customers, Telcordia’s Service Delivery and Charging solutions provide us with the flexibility and scalability in real-time to very quickly respond to any business opportunity and deploy innovative offerings,” said Scott Rice, vice president, Care and Billing Services for Sprint. “Rapid, value-driven service rollouts will enable Sprint to drive revenue growth and ensure a much stronger customer experience.”

Telcordia’s expertise stems from its work with global CSPs, including those in hyper-growth markets such as India and Brazil, and enabling them to differentiate their brand, increase APRU and grow customer-satisfaction levels through innovative services, such as prepaid. “As Sprint evolves its prepaid strategy, we will continue to bring that expertise to bear on its behalf,” added Wojcik.

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