Top 5 Must-Have Laser Pens

5 reasons to never leave the house without your laser pen

PR Newswire — January 24, 2011

HONG KONG, Jan. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — In a recent Gallop poll 10% of all laser pen owners use their device for presenting important information, and the remaining 90% use it to drive their cats crazy, and with the popularity of laser pens these days, that adds up to a lot of crazy cats!

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Feline sanity aside, would like to present their Top 5 Laser Pens for your perusal, and with FREE SHIPPINGno matter where in the world you live,you’ll never go crazy trying to figure out shipping charges.

The Laser Pens:

1. New Wish Brand Green Laser Pen(5mW)

If the Green Lantern were to hang up his mask and join the corporate world, he would definitely choose this as his presentation weapon of choice. A true green laser pen with a range of 6000+ feet, and a power-saving, compact design that is also available in a 10mW model. Both come with gift box and accessories.

2.Chromed Mini Green Laser Pen Keychain?5mW?

Weighing in at a mere 1.7 ounces and 2.5 inches long this mighty mini packs a powerful green laser beam. Its chrome finish and keychain clip make this laser pen a stylish and handy device to carry with you everywhere. Get one for every member of the family!

3. Powerful Blue-Violet/Royal Purple Laser Pen?5mW?

Sporting twounique colors, this laser pen will dazzle and impress even the most bleary-eyed meeting-goer. Their rapt attention will get you noticed by the boss and land you that corner office you so deserve. Well, maybe not, but the uniqueness of this laser pen won’t be hard to notice. Using standard AAA batteries combined with low power consumption, a tight beam and a great case, you won’t care which office you’re in!

4.Blue-Violet/Royal Purple Laser Pen?5mW?

A second and equally cool laser pen producing a blue and violet beam. Like its more expensive brother above, this pen is powered by two AAA batteries (included) and sports a 405nm beam that really highlights florescent and GITD items. With a lower price why not buy a few of them and hand them out at your next get-together!

5.Red Laser Rifle Scope with Gun Mount?5mW?

Rounding out our Fabulous Five Laser Pens is this awesome laser rifle scope. This high quality, shock resistant scope has an incredible laser projection range of up to 1,600 feet!

Whether your hunting that White-tailed buck or the elusive paper target, its 5mW red laser and superior optics will give you that laser sharp edge you want. has got you covered when it comes to unique items at affordable prices. Offering many and varied products, will make shopping for laser pens fast, affordable and shipped direct to you for FREE. So check out these and all of our other hot deals today!

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