Noveda Technologies Hires Joe Jacob as Chief Technology Officer

PR Newswire — January 24, 2011

BRANCHBURG, N.J., Jan. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Noveda Technologies, the leader in web-based real-time energy monitoring systems, today announced that Joe Jacob has joined the company as Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Jacob was most recently Engineering Director, Global ICT Market Development for Lutron Electronics USA, manufacturer of energy efficient lighting and shading systems. Prior to this, he served as the Managing Director of Lutron Dubai.

As CTO, Mr. Jacob will be leading Noveda’s technology growth and development efforts with special emphasis on building the company’s IP portfolio and increasing technology partnerships and alliances. Commenting on the appointment, Govi Rao, president and CEO of Noveda Technologies said, “We are very excited to have Joe join our management team and look forward to his leadership.” He added, “Joe brings tremendous experience and a proven track record in leading technology development and innovation.”

With over 18 years of technical and international business experience, Mr. Jacob is passionate about Smart Grid, connected communities and ICT for energy efficiency. He has successfully developed and marketed innovative ICT enabled energy management systems, green building technologies and automation systems globally. Mr. Jacob has co-authored three patent filings related to energy and lighting controls.

While at Lutron, Mr. Jacob led the development and architecture of many pioneering software applications and lighting control systems like Quantum, Lutron’s latest energy saving system that optimizes the use of electric light and daylight to save energy and create a productive and comfortable visual environment. He also helped lead the energy solution portfolio for Lutron.

Mr. Jacob has worked closely on many large lighting control and automation projects for buildings worldwide, including 505 Union Station (Seattle, Washington), Legoland (Gunzburg, Germany), Volkswagen (Wolfsburg, Germany), Antilia Residence (Mumbai, India), Abu Dhabi Financial Center, (Abu Dhabi, UAE), Maidan Race Course (Dubai, UAE), Orange County Convention Center (Orlando, Florida), Eagles Stadium, (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Georgian College (Ontario, Canada) and more. Prior to joining Lutron, Mr. Jacob worked as senior software engineer for Nicco Infotech, an IT consulting company based in New Jersey.

At Noveda, Mr. Jacob will be responsible for charting the technology roadmap including overall platform integrity, architecture, adjacencies and product innovation. “This is a pivotal time as energy conservation practices become mainstream worldwide,” said Mr. Jacob. “Real-time energy monitoring is playing a critical role in meeting the energy challenges of the future. Noveda has a solid technology platform, and I am thrilled to become part of this journey to net zero while realizing sustainable competitive advantage and significant cost savings.”

About Noveda Technologies:

Founded in 2007, award-winning Noveda Technologies is an innovative global leader in real-time energy monitoring and visualization for conventional and renewable energy systems, water and waste. The company’s hardware, web-based software and services, enable resource optimization in buildings to lower energy costs and reduce carbon footprint. Noveda’s solutions are designed to jump-start the journey to net zero by enabling real time data transparency in buildings and lay the foundation to move to smart grid technologies. The company’s diverse client base includes commercial / retail, industrial, government, and educational institutions. For more information, visit or call 908-534-8855.

SOURCE Noveda Technologies

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