NSD Puts New Technological Platform Into Operation

PR Newswire — January 17, 2011

MOSCOW, January 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — National Settlement Depository (NSD), Russia’s only settlement depository servicing the full range of debt and equity securities of Russian issuers, reports that on 11 January, 2011, it put its new depository system Alameda(R) into commercial operation. The launch of Alameda(R) was held in line with the gradual modernization of NSD’s technological platform.

The new system is based on Oracle, an industrial database management system; newest technological solutions were used in the course of the system’s development. Alameda(R) has got a significant capacity excess; moreover, the system allows increasing in the capacity by means of computing resources scaling. Alameda(R) enables the company’s customers to implement a set of depository operations and to form all necessary reports automatically.

NSD’s customers now may conduct their depository operations in online regime using web interface through Internet browser. At the same time NSD maintains supporting of the previous system of interaction with customers using in-house Luch workstation.

All inquiries related to use of new technologies are to be addressed to NSD’s personal managers (tel. +7-495-956-2790-2791, +7-495-234-4865), to NSD’s regional branches and to MICEX-Northwest regional representative.

About NSD

National Settlement Depository (NSD) is the largest settlement depository in Russia, a part of the MICEX Group, servicing on-exchange and OTC transactions with all types of debt and equity securities of Russian issuers and providing settlement services to participants in financial markets of the Russian Federation.

NSD provides storage of global certificates and depository accounting for 99% of corporate bond issues, sub-federal and municipal bond issues. It services 100% of transactions conducted in the federal bond and the Bank of Russia bond markets, more than 99% of transactions conducted in the corporate and regional bond markets, the majority of transactions with equities and also services UIT units and securities of foreign issuers.

In accordance with agreements concluded between NSD and the Bank of Russia, NSD acts as a settlement center for the organized securities market.

NSD is Russia’s national numbering agency and the substitute numbering agency for the CIS, authorized to assign the international ISIN and CFI codes.

For further information about NSD: http://www.nsd.ru , or NSD Public Affairs Division: +7-495-232-0910, pr@ndc.ru

SOURCE NSD Public Affairs Division

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