Sekimia’s Online Coaching Portal: Break Your Political Isolation!

PR Newswire — January 15, 2011

BEIRUT, January 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —

– Are you an Information Security or Business Continuity practitioner?

– Are you suffering from political isolation within your company?

– Are you constantly searching for allies when you need to gain support from upper management for new initiatives?

– Has your company reported less alignment of security with long-range strategic objectives?

If your answer is Yes, then Sekimia’s new coaching portal will definitely be your best ally.

Sekimia is publishing an innovative coaching portal dedicated to Information Security and Business Continuity practitioners. It covers interdisciplinary hard and soft skills allowing specialists break their political isolation within their companies:

– The Hard Skills section covers latest news feeds on Assets, Threats, Vulnerabilities, People, Process & Technology aspects pertaining to Information Security and Business Continuity

– The Soft Skills section aggregates feeds on Communication, Persuasion, Body Language, Quality Assurance, Procurement, Time, Vendor and Project Management.

All published material is compiled from online contributions of highly renowned and world-class experts.

The portal integrates also a privately accessible e-learning section. Throughout its modules, authorized users will practice natural dialogues that allow them to master the language of business quickly:

– Online experts available to answer questions in a few hours

– Realistic, contemporary situations

– Carefully designed system of methodological progression for intuitive learning

– Systematic review to consolidate what have been learned

– Pedagogical and pragmatic style to make learning enjoyable

Concerned practitioners can enjoy the total flexibility of Sekimia’s coaching material and quality courses through which they will acquire mindset changing knowledge at their own pace, when they want and where they want.

Read more at: About Sekimia

Sekimia was founded in 2008 in the sole aim of allowing information security and business continuity practitioners to “Speak Security in the Language of Business”.

Sekimia’s software solutions and services use Business Process Management (BPM) as an efficient cross functional communication enabler. Sekimia’s packaged methodologies break corporate silos by nurturing project transversality. They allow concerned practitioners gain interdisciplinary skills and engage a constructive dialog with business representatives on information security and business continuity.

For more information, please contact:

Rawad Rahme – Director Mobile: +9613178363

SOURCE Sekimia

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