Mediabarn Launches New Web Presence for Uplifting Athletes

PR Newswire — January 12, 2011

RESTON, Va., Jan. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Mediabarn, Inc., an interactive agency providing user research, design and technology, is proud to announce the redesign of the Uplifting Athletes website located at

Uplifting Athletes, a charity that works with college football teams to raise money and awareness for rare disease research, relied on Mediabarn to create a new site that helped better illustrate its vision. To achieve this, Mediabarn created an improved look and feel with a consistently branded site that enables each university chapter to have their own identity within the site. The information architecture was also redesigned to accommodate the growth of new university chapters, events, and additional campaigns.

“One of our goals was to strengthen the user experience with clearer paths on how users can get involved, donate, and find information on rare diseases,” said Keith Deaven, Mediabarn CEO and co-founder. “We are thrilled to serve as Uplifting Athletes’ interactive partner in applying our usability and design expertise to support their overall mission.”

“Mediabarn is an ideal partner and integrated perfectly with our team,” said Scott Shirley, executive director of Uplifting Athletes. “They took time to learn about the needs of rare disease patients, understand our overall mission and develop a strategy to deliver a site that will help elevate the rare disease cause through our growing chapter network.”

About Mediabarn: Founded in 2003, Mediabarn offers expertise in user research, user-centered design, web development, as well as professional placement services. Utilizing a blend of innovation, energy, and know-how, Mediabarn’s mission is to design and develop interactive products that work for our clients, with a focus on user-centered design (UCD) best practices to maximize the user experience. In 2007, Mediabarn established a state-of-the-art usability testing lab and expanded the management team to support new capabilities and a growing number of clients. Additional information can be found at

About Uplifting Athletes: Uplifting Athletes is a full service national nonprofit organization aligning college football with rare diseases and raising them as a national priority through research, outreach, education and advocacy. What makes Uplifting Athletes unique is that our university chapters are run by current football student-athletes, providing them with an opportunity to gain management and leadership skills while learning how to leverage their assets and abilities to make a positive and lasting impact.

SOURCE Mediabarn, Inc.

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