BBN and BPA Worldwide Join to Develop a Standardized Digital User Data Tool

PR Newswire — January 12, 2011

WASHINGTON, Jan. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — BBN and BPA Worldwide have launched a strategic relationship to develop the first standardized auditing and web-user data collection solution for the b2b media marketplace. Matching important b2b marketing messages with media brands that serve a qualified b2b audience have been central to the foundation of both companies. This collaborative effort is the next step in that mission by enhancing the efficiency of the digital audience verification process while showcasing the value-proposition of b2b publishers.

This standardized web audit enables advertisers to access independently audited digital user statistics with web properties that are solely dedicated to providing content to business decision makers while they are working. Advertisers measure user engagement, which demands delivering the message to the right person at the right time. As the market shifts to balance audience targeting with regulatory policies and technology changes it is critical that media companies validate the audience.

A recent study commissioned by BBN from the international market research firm, Ipsos, found business products and services were as much as 20% more influential in purchasing decision when promoted through b2b sites. The b2b industry was built on the basis of providing content focused on supporting purchasing decisions, professional disciplines, and business practices. This new initiative will make it possible for advertisers to verify the user profiles and eliminate “waste” by ensuring their messages are associated with contextually relevant b2b content.

According to Derek Reisfield, BBN’s Chairman, “BBN has received many requests from publishers and advertisers alike for uniform and comprehensive demographic user data. Third party audits are the most reliable method for acquiring this data and BPA has a long reputation as the authority for gathering b2b audience profiles.”

“Through 24/7 Real Media’s continued partnership with BBN we are excited about their work with BPA and the future opportunities for clients to better view and analyze the data associated with their b2b audience,” said Ari Bluman, President of North American Sales and Operations at 24/7 Real Media.

BBN will work in combination with BPA to expand the reach of BPA’s auditing business to encompass all BBN publishing partners. BBN’s network currently includes over 800 b2b web sites owned and operated by over 70 publishing companies.

“Working with BBN, we will be able to provide quality user profile information to members across its entire network,” explained BPA President and CEO, Glenn Hansen. “The user data will be valuable to both websites and advertisers as they target their products to the best possible audiences. It is this kind of information that buyers of online advertising have been requesting.”

Upon completion of data collection and verification by BPA audit professionals, the statistics will be aggregated to establish a BBN BPA listing. This listing will represent BBN’s partners in aggregate as well as provide aggregated listings for each of BBN’s vertical channels. Each participating publishers will also utilize the site-specific user data as part of their own media kits.

About BBN. BBN provides advertising clients targeted reach to qualified business media audiences through a variety of digital media platforms including website, email, and custom programs. BBN utilizes 24/7 Real Media’s award-winning ad serving and campaign management platform, Open AdStream?. BBN Networks is a privately-held company based in Washington, D.C. For a complete listing of BBN partner publishers visit

About BPA WorldwideA not-for-profit organization since 1931, BPA Worldwide is governed by a tripartite board comprised of media owners, advertising agencies and advertisers. Headquartered in Shelton, Connecticut, USA, BPA has the largest membership of any media-auditing organization in the world, spanning more than 30 countries. Worldwide, BPA audits 2,600+ media properties–including over 1,500 B-to-B publications, more than 350 consumer magazines, 150 newspapers, 550+ web sites, 40 events, email newsletters, databases, wireless and other advertiser-supported media–as well as 2,700 advertiser and agency members. Visit for the latest audit reports, membership information and publishing and advertising industry news.

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