Daily Deal Aggregator, Dealery.com Expands to 87 Cities Across the US & Canada

Dealery.com is a one stop shop for daily deals

PR Newswire — December 15, 2010

NEW YORK, Dec. 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Daily Deals Aggregator, Dealery.com, has expanded to 87 cities across the US & Canada. Dealery is an all-in-one destination for the hottest daily group deals on the web, and allows consumers to browse just a single website to see time-sensitive daily deals from multiple sources.

“After Dealery.com launched, we got a lot of requests to expand to different markets, so we listened to our customers and launched in 87 cities,” said Dealery founder and CEO Limor Elkayam. “Dealery is all about helping consumers find the best deals in an easy-to-digest manner. We allow you to quickly glance at our site and know whether there are any great deals out there for you today in your city.”

Dealery is presented in a one page “cheat sheet.” The design allows visitors to quickly scan the day’s top deals, view the source of the deal, the cost savings, and the time remaining to purchase the deal.

The site includes deals from sites such as Groupon, LivingSocial, BuyWithMe, Tippr, KGBdeals and more. Some new cities that were added to Dealery include Miami, Las Vegas, Toronto, and Detroit.

“New deal sites are popping up daily and it has become difficult to manage the multiple emails and websites that list these time-sensitive opportunities,” said Elkayam. “Dealery allows you to see the web’s best daily deals in your city on one single site; making it easier to find a deal in the 87 cities we operate in.”

To see a list of cities and check out Dealery first-hand, please visit www.Dealery.com

About Dealery

Dealery brings together daily group deals and flash sales from multiple sources in one convenient place. Dealery.com harnesses the power of the rapidly growing group deals industry with the convenience of a single real-time dashboard. Dealery has been praised for its side-by-side comparisons and lauded as an alternative to a crowded inbox. Dealery was founded under the Spotery brand umbrella, which is dedicated to making consumers lives on the web easier by creating time-saving ways to consume the web’s expansive content.

For more information, please visit www.dealery.com.

SOURCE Dealery.com

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