’s The Success Yearbook? Helps College Graduates Pay Off Loans

PR Newswire — November 30, 2010

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Nov. 30, 2010 /PRNewswire/ —, a research and resource focused website for potential college students, is helping recent college graduates pay down student loans while highlighting the benefits of getting a college education. On December 1st 2010, will launch The Success Yearbook? – a year-round video contest for graduates to share their personal college success story. Winners are selected quarterly, each winning $10,000 toward their loans, making The Success Yearbook? one of the biggest contests dedicated solely to rewarding college graduates for their desire to succeed and providing some much needed financial assistance in today’s economy.

“ offers potential students tools and resources to learn about various career paths and degrees so they can make an informed decision about going back to college,” says Debbie Fiorentino, CEO of VERGO Interactive, the parent company of and The Success Yearbook?. “Over the years, we have introduced thousands of students to pathways of education and we wanted to see if we were making a positive impact overall. Once we heard what some of these graduates are doing with their college degrees, we were inspired to reward them by helping them pay off their loans, hence the creation of The Success Yearbook?.”

To win, degree holders who have graduated within the last 3 years should submit a video sharing their college success story. They are encouraged to share the challenges they’ve overcome, the support they’ve received, and most importantly how getting their degree has helped them achieve success today. Winners will be selected by a combination of votes and a panel of judges to receive a payment of $10,000 toward their existing student loans.

One winner will be selected each quarter. Contestants must be at least 22 years-old and have graduated from college in 2008 or later. Contestants will remain eligible for prizes in multiple contest quarters for a period of 18 months from date of submission. Payments will be made in the graduates name directly to the financial institution holding the loans.

To submit your story visit:

For more information about The Success Yearbook?, or VERGO Interactive, call Penny Rabjohn at 480-990-1399 x 7005.

About is owned and operated by VERGO Interactive. VERGO Interactive is a premier provider of performance-based online and traditional marketing solutions for secondary and post-secondary education.


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