Advertisement Receives Hundreds of Donations Since Oct. 1

PR Newswire — October 14, 2010

CHICAGO, Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ — Since Oct. 1, received hundreds of donations from Chicago residents in an outpouring of negative support of Rahm Emanuel’s decision to potentially run for mayor of Chicago.

The goal of is to raise money to help defeat Emanuel’s potential mayoral run by pledging financial support to the fiscal conservative who emerges in Chicago’s mayoral election. was launched in anticipation of Emanuel’s announcement and the response has been surprising according to the website’s creator Joseph Sanchez who is an Iraq war veteran and owner of online public relations firm

“We are getting support not only from Chicago residents but from citizens across the country,” says Sanchez. “The message is clear; Chicago and the rest of the country does not want to see Emanuel’s liberal tax and spend agenda come to Chicago,” Sanchez says.

“The next four years are critical for Chicago and we need a mayor that can balance the budget without selling off city assets and raising taxes or the city will go bankrupt,” says Sanchez.

Chicago is a city plagued by corruption, over-spending, pay-to-play politics, and union kickbacks. “Emanuel was an influential force for many of the failed Obama policies that currently plague our country and our supporters don’t want his ideology running Chicago,” Sanchez says. is currently seeking donations from Tea Party Patriots, Independents, Disenfranchised Democrats and Conservatives alike who want to see a fiscally conservative mayor elected in Chicago.

Supporters of the cause can visit and make a donation today and receive a free campaign t-shirt.


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