Cellfire Delivers Grocery Coupon Deals on Blaze Mobile With QMobile Coupons Platform

PR Newswire — October 13, 2010

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ — Cellfire Inc., the leader in electronic mobile coupon solutions, today announced that Blaze Mobile is offering its users a new way to easily discover coupons and save on their next grocery shopping trip with Cellfire QMobile Coupons. The electronic coupon syndication platform is now available for the Blaze Mobile Wallet 2.0 iPhone(TM) application and enables consumers access to Cellfire’s network of more than 30 grocery chains across 5,000 stores nationwide and to hundreds of dollars in grocery savings a year.

“In today’s environment, savvy mobile customers are looking for efficient applications to increase productivity while on-the-go,” said Michelle Fisher, CEO of Blaze Mobile. “With the addition of Cellfire’s QMobile Coupons, Blaze Mobile Wallet users have instant access to a complete personal finance, payment and rewards solution for their mobile needs – saving them valuable time and money.”

QMobile Coupons is the only mobile application couponing solution that securely links a consumer packaged goods (CPG) sponsored manufacturer coupon to a consumer’s grocery savings card for a convenient, safe and paperless redemption experience at the grocery store. The solution uses HTML5, Webkit and CSS technologies to enable mobile application partners to monetize its mobile properties through UI insertion of mobile coupons. Consumers never have to leave the mobile partner’s application to access Cellfire coupons. QMobile Coupons can be initiated from a partner’s application through a search query, a banner ad insertion, an ingredient or product placement within a shopping list, the scan of UPC or 2D barcode, or a number of other consumer call-to-action techniques.

“We are pleased to partner with Blaze Mobile to offer consumers another channel for receiving grocery coupons,” said Paul Stanley, Vice President of Product Management for Cellfire. “Blaze Mobile Wallet bridges the gap between rewards and contactless purchases and now, mobile coupons all in a single application.”

Blaze Mobile Wallet 2.0 with Cellfire’s QMobile Coupon integration is now available for download from the Apple App Store.

About Cellfire?

Cellfire is the leading provider of electronic and mobile coupon solutions in the U.S. The company provides merchants and brands an interactive, targeted, and secure solution to reach and engage customers anytime, anywhere with the device of choice. Cellfire offers consumers convenient savings from leading brands, grocers, and other retailers across 5,000 stores nationwide. Cellfire users can find coupons through the Web at cellfire.com, or anywhere on-the-go with Cellfire’s award-winning mobile application. Cellfire is a free service, although standard data or usage charges may apply when using the program with a mobile device, depending on the carrier or data plan. Founded in 2005, Cellfire is headquartered in San Jose, Calif. For more information, visit www.cellfire.com.

About Blaze Mobile

Blaze Mobile develops innovative mobile commerce and advertising solutions that enable secure, convenient, cost-effective transactions and promotions from the mobile device. The Blaze Mobile Wallet enables fast and easy “contact-less” purchases – including movie and event tickets – as well as fund transfer, banking, and personal finance management. It can manage bank accounts at more than 8,000 supported financial institutions, view electronic receipts, and quickly and easily create expense reports. Blaze Mobile Wallet also offers valuable location based services such as maps and points of interest, including ATMs, restaurants and more – all in the palm of your hand. Then Blaze Mobile Advertising Network enables companies to target specific mobile advertisements and promotions to their most important customers, delivering unparalleled marketing and branding capabilities. Blaze Mobile applications are available through the Apple iPhone, T-Mobile, AT&T, NTelos, and the Android Market. Founded in 2005, Blaze Mobile is headquartered in Berkeley, CA. For more information, please visit www.blazemobile.com.

SOURCE Cellfire Inc.; Blaze Mobile

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