Vertica Establishes a Unique Vision and Enhances its Integration with Hadoop

Releases Second Generation Connector and Offers Upcoming Integrated Backup /Data Lifecycle

PR Newswire — October 12, 2010

BILLERICA, Mass., Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ — Vertica Systems, the leading software platform provider of real-time analytics, today announced its further commitment to and innovation with Hadoop with the release of the Vertica 4.0 Connector for Hadoop and Pig, Vertica’s second-generation connector for Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop (CDH). Vertica’s new Connector for Hadoop allows users unprecedented flexibility and speed in loading diverse data from Hadoop to Vertica and querying data from Vertica in Hadoop. Additionally, Vertica announced an upcoming backup option to Hadoop File System (HDFS), as well as its plans to publish a set of libraries so Hadoop users can leverage Vertica’s advanced sorting, compression and encoding natively on the backup files in HDFS for additional processing and data exploration.

Vertica was the first analytic database company to offer a parallel connector to Hadoop nearly a year ago and now has over 25 customers using the two platforms together. The Vertica 4.0 Connector for Hadoop and Pig deliver enhanced integration capabilities for Vertica’s 4.0 real-time analytic platform released earlier this year. The Connector is open source, supported by Vertica, and available for download at

“Vertica’s approach is visionary yet pragmatic, which will be useful for companies like ours who are leveraging Hadoop and Vertica in tandem,” said Christopher Gillett, Chief Software Architect at Visible Measures Corporation. “The new Vertica 4.0 Connector for Hadoop is a big step forward in terms of how companies can extract insight from unstructured data, prepare and load this information from Hadoop into Vertica for ad-hoc analytics and then save that data back onto Hadoop in a compressed form for backup.”

Developers can now send data in parallel from Hadoop Pig scripts into Vertica through a single call. This automatically creates an optimized Vertica database without Hadoop programmers ever having to physically define, setup and optimize the tables in Vertica. Vertica achieves this by avoiding painful and costly manual tuning techniques like indexing, materialized views and other time consuming optimizations in traditional relational databases and instead calls on Vertica’s unique Database Designer for automatic optimization. Additionally, the Vertica 4.0 Connector for Hadoop and Pig provide more efficient parallel node-to-node transfer of data to and from each platform.

The upcoming release of the low-cost Vertica backup option to HDFS will allow companies to back up Vertica data seamlessly and in parallel onto a Hadoop cluster. This leverages the Connector’s parallelism, Vertica’s incremental backup utility and industry-leading compression techniques to minimize the amount of data that is passed over the wire between the clusters. As part of Vertica’s HDFS backup strategy, the Company plans to make available a set of libraries that enable Hadoop programmers to read Vertica’s compressed and encoded data, and operate on that data in its encoded format. This allows companies to extract more value from their backup platform by further exploring, modeling and even generating additional data that can then be loaded right back into Vertica for real-time and ad hoc analytics. This will facilitate a new class of applications that can leverage data stored in both environments.

“As the first analytics platform provider to offer Hadoop integration, Vertica is building on its commitment to deliver the best platform for end-to-end analytics of all data types,” said Colin Mahony, Vice President of Products and Business Development at Vertica. “Our strategy is designed with customers in mind, allowing them to rapidly analyze the most detailed information with immediate results. All of this is in line with our vision of enabling our customers to better monetize their data at a fraction of the cost.”

About Vertica

Vertica Systems is the leading provider of next-generation analytics platforms enabling companies to monetize their data at the speed and scale necessary to deliver significant value to customers and shareholders. Vertica’s scalability and flexibility are unmatched in the industry delivering 50x-1000x faster performance at 30% the cost of traditional solutions. Vertica is used by customers worldwide including Verizon, Guess Inc., Zynga, Capital IQ, Mozilla and Comcast. Vertica’s North American headquarters is located in Billerica, MA.

Vertica is a registered trademark of Vertica in the United States and other countries. Other product or service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.

SOURCE Vertica Systems

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