Fusionapps Launches New Company Website and Three Industry-Related Blogs

PR Newswire — September 30, 2010

SECAUCUS, N.J., Sept. 30 /PRNewswire/ — Fusionapps, a software development firm with headquarters in Secaucus, NJ unveiled a new corporate website and three new industry-related blogs. The new corporate website aggregates content from three blogs, highlights the company’s capabilities and takes visitors on a tour through its Vision > Build > Learnmethodology.

The new Fusionapps Blog (http://www.fusionapps.com/blog/), written by Fusionapps CEO, Chad Pugsley, and Fusionapps employees, focuses on thoughts, opinions and experiences related to software design, development, hosting and application management.

The two other more industry-related blogs, The Visioning Room (http://visioning.fusionapps.com), which is written by Fusionapps’ Managing Director and Chief Strategist, Jess Pugsley, will focus on his thoughts, opinions and ideas related to software, technology, startups and more. The User Experience(http://ux.fusionapps.com), which is written by Fusionapps’ Director of User Experience, Chris Gieger, will focus on sharing User Experience best practices and tips, software product reviews and more.

“Today we launched a whole slew of new websites, which are in support of our new Content Marketing Strategy,” explains Jess Pugsley, Managing Director and Chief Strategist at Fusionapps. “We’ve actually never done any real marketing. All our business up to this point has come from word-of-mouth – but we know that in today’s world potential customers don’t want to hear how good you say you are. They want insight into how you think and how you work so that they can get a feel for exactly what it would be like to work with you. Each of our new blogs provides that insight and we believe our target markets will find a lot of value in the content we are publishing.”

About Fusionapps

In 2001, Chad Pugsley founded Fusionapps with a vision to create a different type of software development and management company with a focus on innovation, free thought and a hunger for learning. Throughout the years, Fusionapps has recruited some of the best talent from the world’s largest IT consulting firms to help foster that vision and fine-tune its proprietary software product methodology. Today, Fusionapps works closely with enterprises and startups, creating and breathing new life into its clients’ software-based business solutions.

Visit http://www.fusionapps.com to learn how we can grow your business.

Contact: Jess Pugsley 201-537-8111 jpugsley@fusionapps.com www.jesspugsley.com

Chris Gieger at: 201-537-8124 cgieger@fusionapps.com www.chrisgieger.com

SOURCE Fusionapps

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