New Dental Patients With No Marketing Costs

PR Newswire — September 23, 2010

IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 23 /PRNewswire/ — Right Dental Group is expanding its territory and has opened practice participation opportunities in many metropolitan areas. As a premier choice for new patients for dental practices the opportunity to be included in this expansion is significant. Driving new patients to top-quality local dentists via its social media and e-commerce marketing platforms has never been in more demand. Many dental practices are struggling in the current economic climate and Right Dental Group provides a welcomed answer to new patient marketing needs.



Right Dental Group’s fresh approach to new patient marketing establishes a departure from business as usual in the dental advertising industry. Instead of sending phone calls or email inquiries from potential patients to its dentists Right Dental Group only sends new patients that are ready to schedule an appointment. The most radical element this program is the price; Right Dental Group does not charge any fees to its dentist members.

The power of social media, group buying and e-commerce are the marketing engines leveraged by Right Dental Group for its dentists. The significant challenges presented to the sole practitioner when employing these methods of marketing are overcome with participation in Right Dental Group. Dentists are not overwhelmed by large influxes of new patients nor are they merely servicing new patients who have travelled to merely redeem a coupon.

The success of the Right Dental Group program is found in its ability to provide localized options for patients. Patients that choose a practice for service have done so from multiple choices on the Right Dental Group website. Patients see a detailed dentist profile and choose a dentist from the dozens of dentists listed in their area. The patient’s choice of a specific practice greatly increases the opportunity to convert the patient into a lifetime patient of the practice.

Most traditional marketing efforts require a dental practice to invest $250 to $300 to get a new patient to schedule an appointment. This expense normally expands when the dentist provides a discount on service to a new patient for a dental exam, cleaning and x-rays. Right Dental Group eliminates the expense of producing the new patient; reducing the investment of its members to the supplies and labor required to perform the service.

Dentists interested in participating with Right Dental Group must meet membership criteria and pass a third-party background check. Member dentists are held to high standards of patient service and treatment. More qualifications can be seen at . For qualified dentists, memberships are currently available in most metropolitan areas. Memberships are limited in each city and are filled on a first come, first qualified dentists basis. For more information, interested parties should call (877) 804-8484 or email

SOURCE Right Dental Group

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