Validas Reports Market Share Leader BlackBerry Trailing in Wireless Data Growth

PR Newswire — September 8, 2010

HOUSTON, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ — Validas, the leader in on-demand wireless business intelligence, has released a new report entitled Wireless Data Consumption, Analysis and Trends, 2009 – 2010which finds that BlackBerry devices are trailing in wireless data growth by nearly 80 percent. This report, which examines usage from more than 74,000 individual consumers’ wireless bills, is now available for purchase.

The new Validas report shows that average wireless data consumption across all handheld devices increased 464 percent from Q1 2009 through Q2 2010. BlackBerry growth trailed the mean during this period, with 366 percent growth. During the explosive growth period from Q3 2009 through Q1 2010, BlackBerry data consumption grew a mere 16 percent, rising to just 79.5 MB per user per month. During the same period, the introduction of new Android-based Smartphones and others increased data consumption by a massive 213 percent to 365 MB per user per month, closely resembling iPhone behavior.

The greatest data usage explosion among iPhones preceded that of other devices, increasing 136 percent between Q1 and Q3 2009. From Q3 2009 to Q1 2010, iPhone outpaced BlackBerry with 33 percent growth to 375 MB.

“BlackBerry might have more devices in hands, but I’m not convinced we can group them with other Smartphones,” says Ed Finegold, Chief Analytics Officer for Validas. “They were groundbreaking in their day, but even when adjusting for data compression, the numbers show that BlackBerry doesn’t deliver the user experiences we now see with iPhones and Android devices,” Finegold says.

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