Palisades Launches New iPhone App

New App Offers New Jersey Drivers Access to Important Vehicle Information

PR Newswire — September 2, 2010

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, N.J., Sept. 2 /PRNewswire/ — Palisades, the nice New Jersey car insurance company, announced today the launch of a new iPhone application available to all Palisades customers and New Jersey residents. The free, easy-to-use app is available to download on iTunes and for use with an iPhone or iPod Touch. The app offers a variety of resources, including the ability to store insurance information, click-to-call on-the-go emergency contact lists, easy accident reporting and instant access to important car maintenance records including date of last service, next oil change, and mileage and maintenance reminders.

“At Palisades, we understand the growing need for consumers to have access to important data at the touch of a button,” said Palisades CEO Ed Fernandez. “This new app, in addition to our recently launched mobile website, provides New Jersey drivers with instant access to necessary and innovative resources on-the-go.”

Through the Palisades iPhone application, Palisades customers have the ability to input their policy information for easy and instant access and they can quickly reach Palisades with the click-to-call service feature. The app also helps customers report important accident details. From uploading photos and mapping out the site with the GPS locator to transmitting the accident report via email, the app prepares drivers for any mishap or unexpected occurrence they may face.

The Palisades iPhone app features a user-friendly interface created by Creative Coefficient ( an app development studio.

“By taking these steps to further expand our presence within the mobile market, we’ve shown that Palisades offers more than just insurance to our customers. We help make their lives simpler by offering tools and resources they can rely on,” added Fernandez.

About Palisades

Palisades is the Nice New Jersey Car Insurance Company? that gives you more. Drivers and agents get more reasons to smile with more value, friendly New Jersey expertise, and service done right. Palisades sells exclusively through over 300 independent agents and is a leader in the fast settlement of claims. Palisades Safety and Insurance Management Corporation is the Attorney-in-Fact of Palisades Safety and Insurance Association (PSIA). Insurance is written by PSIA and its two wholly-owned insurers, Palisades Insurance Company and Palisades Property and Casualty Insurance Company (collectively “Palisades”).

Palisades Safety and Insurance Management Corporation is a Plymouth Rock managed company. The Plymouth Rock Companies write and manage more than $1 billion in personal and commercial auto and homeowner’s insurance across the Northeast.

SOURCE Palisades

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