Arnold Palmer Joins Centocor Ortho Biotech and Us TOO International to Launch My Prostate Cancer Roadmap

Prostate Cancer Often Misunderstood, Thought of as Less Threatening Than Other Cancers

PR Newswire — September 1, 2010

HORSHAM, Pa., Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ — World-renowned golf champion and prostate cancer survivor Arnold Palmer has teamed up with Centocor Ortho Biotech Inc. and the non-profit organization Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Education & Support Network to launch My Prostate Cancer Roadmap (, an educational program that provides resources and information specific to advanced prostate cancer patients and those who love them.

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Every year, approximately 8,000 cases of cancer of the prostate are diagnosed at an advanced stage and roughly 32,000 men are projected to die this year from the disease in the United States. Despite these statistics, many people think prostate cancer is less dangerous than other cancers. In fact, cancer of the prostate is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in men the United States,and the National Cancer Institute predicts a 17 percent increase in prostate cancer deaths this year compared to 2009.

Arnold Palmer knows first-hand about navigating prostate cancer. Diagnosed with the disease in 1997, Palmer has worked as an advocate for people affected by cancer of the prostate for more than a decade. He is helping to launch the My Prostate Cancer Roadmap program to raise awareness of advanced prostate cancer and this new support resource.*

“I was very lucky — my family and friends were with me every step of the way as I faced prostate cancer, finding information and accompanying me to each doctor’s appointment that I had,” said Palmer. “Often, men don’t reach out for support, or they feel that being strong means that they have to face this disease on their own. Having information and support to help navigate every part of the journey is critical, especially to men facing advanced disease, where comprehensive information can be more difficult to find.”

Prostate cancer occurs when cancer cells form in the tissues of the prostate. The prostate is a gland located around the urethra (under the bladder) in men that produces part of the seminal fluid. In some cases, cancer of the prostate can grow slowly compared with other cancers. However, depending on factors including characteristics specific to the patient and the tumor, prostate cancer can also grow very quickly and spread to other places such as the lymph nodes, bones or other parts of the body. Prostate cancer is considered to be advanced once it has spread beyond the prostate region.

“Advanced prostate cancer is a disease that is poorly understood. Prostate cancer kills more men in the United States than any other cancer, except for lung cancer,” said Tom Kirk, President & CEO, Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Education and Support Network. “Us TOO International is deeply committed to helping men and those who care about them understand the unique challenges, and how to live to the fullest, with advanced disease. My Prostate Cancer Roadmap is made especially for them, putting targeted information and resources at their fingertips. It nicely complements the educational materials, support groups and online discussion communities that Us TOO International provides for men and their families fighting the disease.”

The information on the Web site is presented visually as a roadmap and visitors can navigate various “stops,” each of which provides unique, current information. Topics include health and wellness, work, relationships, and sex and intimacy. Visitors are offered tips on nutrition, exercise and maintaining relationships. There are even suggested questions to help guide difficult and often emotional discussions with employers.

Although any man can develop cancer of the prostate, there are certain factors that increase the risk. These include age, family history, pre-cancerous prostate changes, genetic abnormalities, and ethnicity, where African Americans are at the highest risk. My Prostate Cancer Roadmap provides information for these high-risk populations.

Each stop on the journey offers a choice of two paths – one for men with advanced prostate cancer and the other for family, friends and caregivers – to help address their overlapping but also different needs.

“Until now, men with advanced prostate cancer and those who love them lacked comprehensive and easily accessible resources to help them cope with advanced disease,” said Robert Bazemore, President, Centocor Ortho Biotech Inc. “We are pleased to work with Us TOO International on My Prostate CancerRoadmap, an important resource that focuses on the needs of men with advanced prostate cancer and their loved ones.”

As a resource for advanced prostate cancer patients and their loved ones, will continue to offer new content based on their feedback and input, along with insights and expertise of scientists, clinicians, nurses, social workers and other experts. Visitors can register to receive alerts when new information is posted.

Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Education & Support Network ( is a source of peer-to-peer support and free materials for men and their families to make informed choices on prostate cancer detection, treatment options and coping with ongoing survivorship. Founded in 1990 by prostate cancer survivors and their families “who recognized that cancer affects us, too,” the 501(c)(3) non-profit is headquartered in Illinois and works with volunteers in 325 affiliated support group chapters worldwide. Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, Us TOO is a member patient advocacy organization of the National Health Council.

About Centocor Ortho Biotech Inc.

Centocor Ortho Biotech Inc. redefines the standard of care in immunology, nephrology and oncology. The company was formed when Centocor, Inc. and Ortho Biotech Inc. were consolidated in late 2008, and was renamed Centocor Ortho Biotech Inc. Built upon a pioneering history, Centocor Ortho Biotech Inc. harnesses innovations in large-molecule and small-molecule research to create important new therapeutic options. Beyond its innovative medicines, Centocor Ortho Biotech is at the forefront of developing education and public policy initiatives to ensure patients and their families, caregivers, advocates and healthcare professionals have access to the latest treatment information, support services and quality care. For more information about Centocor Ortho Biotech, visit

* My Prostate Cancer Roadmap campaign is brought to you by Centocor Ortho Biotech Inc. in partnership with the non-profit organization Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Education & Support Network. Arnold Palmer was compensated for his time in preparing for and participating in the My Prostate Cancer Roadmap program and was reimbursed for travel expenses related to the program. Centocor Ortho Biotech Inc. provided sponsorship funding to Us TOO International in support of the My Prostate Cancer Roadmap program and other education and support initiatives benefitting prostate cancer patients and their families.

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