SVnetwork Recognized for Powering One of the Best Social Media Campaigns of All Time

Forbes features SVnetwork’s brand engagement for Microsoft Bing and Zynga’s Farmville on list of top 20 ‘Best-Ever Social Media Campaigns’

PR Newswire — August 26, 2010

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 26 /PRNewswire/ — SVnetwork, the largest network of active consumer engagements and performance brand advertising, is pleased to announce that Forbes has recognized SVnetwork’s engagement for Microsoft Bing & Zynga’s Farmville by declaring it one of the “Best-Ever Social Media Campaigns.”





The SVnetwork, which reaches over 100 million social media influencers per month, developed an interactive engagement that drove unprecedented results for Bing’s fan following on Facebook by offering a unique value exchange for Farmville players who interacted with the Bing brand. Launched in May 2010, the promotion allowed Farmville players to click on a sponsored ad embedded on the game to receive free Farmville cash for becoming a fan of the search engine on Facebook.

The wildly successful promotion brought in over 425,000 fans for Bing in one day, and fan activity the day after the campaign increased ten fold. Most importantly, 70% of the newly acquired fans visited the search engine in the month following the branded engagement.

“Fans generated through the Farmville campaign were 150% more likely to use Microsoft’s search service than those who originally joined Bing’s Facebook page,” said SVnetwork CEO Jay Samit. “The campaign was so cost-effective in generating new users that Microsoft expanded the campaign and we delivered another 500,000 fans for Bing. This case study proves that our social media engagements deliver incredible value for brands.”

SVnetwork is a media solution that drives consumer engagement and the sharing of branded content across all of the major social networks. With over 100 case studies of comparable performance, SVnetwork is proven to drive extended engagement between users and branded content, allowing brands to create lasting connections with new and existing consumers.

About SVnetwork(

With over 100 million unique visitors per month, the SVnetwork provides the most effective way for brands to reach, engage, and spread messages through a targeted audience of hyper-connected consumers in social media. In study after study, the SVnetwork has proven to drive 4x the media value and 9x the impact on intent-to-purchase than banner or display advertising. SVnetwork recognizes that in social media, individuals hold the key to generating attention and brand influence. The SVnetwork’s advertising model maximizes share-of-voice by giving brands a unique way of interacting with individuals and the content they publish. Committed to giving back, one of the cornerstones of SVnetwork is SocialVibe (, the leading social media utility that empowers individuals to make a positive, measurable impact for the charity of their choice by completing branded activities online. SVnetwork’s headquarters are located in Los Angeles, CA. For more information, please visit

SOURCE SVnetwork

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