Nexage Selected to Monetize ScoreMobile on Multiple Application Platforms

PR Newswire — August 18, 2010

BOSTON, Aug. 18 /PRNewswire/ — Nexage, the leading provider of mobile advertising solutions for publishers is pleased to announce that it has been selected as the mobile ad mediation provider for Score Media Inc., home of The Score Television Network,, theScore iPad Edition, Hardcore Sports Radio and ScoreMobile, which has ranked as a top ten app in BlackBerry’s App World.



“We needed a total solution that addressed the multiple aspects of our mobile content business,” said Dale Fallon, Director, Mobile, Score Media Inc. “We were looking for a solution that helped us optimize ad revenue across multiple platforms and offered the flexibility to allow us to serve our in-house sold campaigns. Nexage Mediation & Campaign provides us with that level of flexibility.”

Score Media is able to easily integrate with Nexage Mediation and launch their mobile properties quickly with the use of the Nexage SDK Suite, which includes SDKs for BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone. Nexage Mediation’s state-of-the-art technology and intuitive interface allows Score Media to centrally manage the advertising served on all of its mobile applications and mobile web properties.

“We’re pleased to be addressing the ad-serving and ad-mediation needs of a publisher like Score Media, that has demonstrated a commitment to technical innovation,” said Ernie Cormier, CEO of Nexage. “The challenges that they have – volume, cross-platform properties, and sophisticated business rules – are exactly the challenges we strive to help publishers solve and their execution of forward-thinking media practices aligns them perfectly with the Nexage mission.”

Score Media’s mobile offerings include: ScoreMobile and the recently launched ScoreMobile FC, a free, comprehensive source of information for world football fans around the globe.

About NEXAGE, Inc.

Nexage strengthens the position of publishers and developers in the mobile media marketplace. We bring a broad set of mobile advertising solutions to market that enable publishers and developers to increase the revenue generated from their mobile content while reducing operational costs, including Nexage Mediation – a full-scale mediation and optimization engine that gives publishers and developers access to 50+ ad sources, an SDK Suite, Ad-Screening for Publishers, access to rich media, and more. Additional information is available at


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