Facebook has become immense popular these days and the recent privacy issues could not do much harm to the popularity of Facebook. Recently, I read an article which stated that around 33 percent of American woman see their Facebook profile before even washing their face in the morning. So, you all can see how addictive it can be once you get you used to playing with Facebook apps, pokes, games etc.

Just like you provide invitation in Gmail or any other social networking sites, you can also invite your friends in Facebook. If you have been doing this over a while, then have you wondered how many friends have you invited so far. Well, now if you feel like knowing the number of friends that you have invited, visit the facebook.com/impact page.


On this page, you will know the number of invitees that you have sent after joining Facebook. Apart from this, you can also come to know the most number of friends invited by your friends.

Though, I feel that there is no practical implication of this page. However, it can obviously be viewed, just for fun.

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