Viridity Software to Discuss How Best to Identify Servers in the Data Center for Consolidation, Refresh or Retirement

Thorough Understanding of Server Utilization and Power Consumption Enables Data Center and Facilities Management to Enjoy Tremendous Operational and Capital Savings (OpEx and CapEx)

PR Newswire — August 5, 2010

BURLINGTON, Mass., Aug. 5 /PRNewswire/ —




Thursday, August 5, 2010 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time


Mike Tresh, Director of Product Management, Viridity Software


Underutilized data center servers represent an opportunity for tremendous operational and capital savings (OpEx and CapEx). In fact, according to recent industry research, the server utilization rate in today’s data center is typically just 6%. Current research also reveals that up to 30% of data center servers are not being utilized for any business application at all. In other words, on average up to 30% of data center servers are doing little else than consuming energy and taking up valuable floor space. Join Viridity Software’s Mike Tresh, Director of Product Management, as he provides immediately actionable advice on how to identify the best candidates for consolidation, refresh or retirement through a better understanding of utilization and power consumption.


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Based in Burlington, MA, Viridity Software is the leader in energy resource management (ERM) solutions that enable data center smart grids. Its EnergyCenter (TM) data center energy monitoring, measurement and management software provides customers with a cross functional solution for understanding the connection between physical infrastructure, IT equipment and applications. Once these connections are fully understood, actionable strategies are provided so that customers can run more efficient, less expensive, highly optimized, eco-friendly, sustainable data centers. For further information, please visit:, call: 781-425-2060, or email:

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