Bangalore based software development organization Legwork Labs have developed an interesting product known as TEXT me which claims to revolutionize the way communications happen between parents and educational institution. The best part about Text Me is that it does not require any hardware or software at clients place. It is a SAAS (Software as a service) product which just requires PC and an internet connection.

Text Me makes use of 2-way SMS notification system and thus ensures that right message is sent to right person. Using this system, parents can check the marks, attendance, performance, etc. and they will be updated using real time communication.

According to Legworks, Text Me will bridge the gaps between the parents and the educational institutions, which is increasing a lot. This service can be a lot beneficial even at the time of admission, telling the applications about rules and regulations.  Any last minute update or changes can be easily sent to the guardian effectively free of cost.

Legworks boast about Text Me stating,

If communicating real time to parent is a problem; if circulating day to day notifications to parent is a problem; if managing attendance is a problem; if updating exam results is a problem, we have a solution for you try TEXT me

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