Have you ever heard of a name “DuckDuckGo”? If it’s the first time then you may find the name little childish, and may get scary with the name itself, but it is a pretty interesting search engine. If you have been facing problem in searching exactly what you are looking for, or unable to get to the desired resource on the web from the results of Google search then you might be looking for some alternatives or learning some tips and tricks to improve your Google search skills. DuckDuckGo is little known alternative to Google search which drops you to your destination in very few clicks instead, of making you land on some spam or shopping site. It avoids spam and returns the most relevant links about a given query.

DuckDuckGo: Not Just another Search Engine

DuckDuckGo (Hereafter referred as DDG) is a small yet powerful search engine maintained solely by Gabriel Weinberg. It populates the results from multiple sources like Bing, Yahoo! Search BOSS and its own bots. DDG has many unique features that you may find interesting. Some of them are:

Zero-Click info:

It is the useful firsthand quick information about your query. It gives you little idea about your query without navigating away from DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo: Not Just another Search Engine


DuckDuckGo takes your privacy very seriously and it claims to be the most private place to search the internet right now. I consider DDG’s privacy as one of the prime reason to use it as an alternative to Google. DDG respects your privacy and does not LEAK your private search terms to the site you clicked on.  Moreover, when you visit any site your private information like your “IP address” and “User agent” information is automatically sent by your computer to the visited websites. Hence, not only your private search terms are leaked but they can also know that you searched for it. DDG prevent any sort of search leakage by default. It also provides you with the encrypted (HTTPS) mode like other search engines.


This is one of the great features of DDG. You can directly search many popular sites from DDG. For example, if you want to search for flash player, just type “!adobe flash”. DDG will directly take you to the suitable page on You can go through full list of supported queries available here.

Less Spam & ads:

DDG omits useless spam and ad sites and serve you with the Official websites as the top results of a search query. I have found DDG results quite accurate and sometimes I was even better served by DDG than Google.

Number of goodies:

If you want to generate a random password or check your IP address. No problem you can do it easily at DDG by just typing “pw” for a random password and “ip” for your IP address. DDG offers you many more smart tricks in short and sweet style at its goodies page. It has everything from time zone conversions and weather reports to advance calculations and conversion of units are supported.

Intelligent Search:

DDG Offers an intelligent search page for ambiguous queries which have different meanings. For example “Opera” can have different meanings.

DuckDuckGo: Not Just another Search Engine

Save your Clicks:

The rare infinite scrolling feature which automatically loads next result as you scroll down the page and the feature like easy keyboard navigation that most power users would appreciate are supported by DDG to drop to your destination in very few clicks.

At the end, is DDG the best search engine? No, it’s still in its beta stage but it certainly has some advance out of box functionalities which really deserves appreciation. As someone has better said “The biggest room in this world is the ‘Room for improvement’ “So, I think DDG can focus a little to improve on its speed. In spite of all, if you are really concerned about your privacy you must go for DDG as your Google search alternative. It’s really great to believe how a single guy has managed to bring up such an awesome Google search alternative for Internet users.


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